You Can Kana - Learn Japanese Hiragana & Katakana

by James Moulang

The Developer Says...

Learn and master the japanese phonetic alphabets at your own pace with this meditative language learning tool.

Players Like...

❤ Gameplay Overview

The game primarily focuses on teaching players to recognize and type the Japanese phonetic alphabets of hiragana and katakana.

❤ Lesson Mode

In the Lesson Mode, the game introduces new hiragana and katakana characters one-by-one. Each lesson teaches the proper stroke order for writing the character and its pronunciation. Players then practice typing the character's romanized representation (romaji) to solidify their learning.

❤ Adaptive Lessons

The lessons adapt to the player's progress. The game shows characters the player struggles with more frequently, while characters the player has already mastered appear less often. This reinforces weaker areas and maintains proficiency in characters the player has already learned.

❤ Challenge Mode

The Challenge Mode tests players' skills. In this mode, the game presents Japanese words, and players must quickly type the correct romaji representation before the word scrolls off the screen. The pace and difficulty of the words increase over time, challenging players to improve their reading speed and accuracy.

❤ JLPT Practice

The game also offers a JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) Practice mode. This mode presents players with vocabulary words from the various JLPT levels, allowing them to practice recognizing and typing the words in a timed setting. This helps prepare players for the language skills required to pass the official JLPT exams.

❤ Player Feedback on Gameplay

Players consistently praise the game's effective and engaging learning methodology. Many reviewers report making significant progress in mastering hiragana and katakana in a relatively short period.

❤ Effective Learning Methodology

Players appreciate the combination of introduction lessons, adaptive practice, and timed challenges. They note how the game reinforces weaker areas while maintaining proficiency in characters already learned.

❤ Enjoyable and Relaxing Experience

Reviewers mention the game's smooth animations, calming soundtrack, and simple aesthetic, creating a pleasant learning environment that keeps players engaged.

❤ Preparation for Further Japanese Study

Many players recognize the game as an essential starting point for further study of the Japanese language, including kanji characters and vocabulary.

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