Hades II

by Supergiant Games

The Developer Says...

Battle beyond the Underworld using dark sorcery to take on the Titan of Time in this bewitching sequel to the award-winning rogue-like dungeon crawler.

Players Like...

❤ Tight, Responsive Combat

Players praise the sequel's smooth, lightning-fast action, noting that the combat feels significantly more fast-paced than the original. The ability to instantly dodge out of recovery animations allows for a highly reactive, skill-based playstyle. While early reviews criticized the limited dash mechanics, the developers have since addressed this by improving the responsiveness of the dash, making it feel more satisfying to use.

❤ Diverse Weapon and Boon Synergies

The game offers a variety of new weapons that play quite differently from those in the first title, providing a fresh experience. Players highlight the depth and creativity in the boon system, with over a dozen Olympian gods offering a vast array of synergistic abilities. The seamless interplay between the player's chosen weapon and the selected boons allows for a wide range of viable and rewarding build strategies.

❤ Engaging Roguelike Progression

The addictive roguelike structure remains, with each run presenting new challenges, surprises, and opportunities for growth. Reviewers appreciate the sense of progression, both in terms of gradually unlocking permanent upgrades and in experiencing the evolving narrative, with unique story events unfolding based on the player's journey. The difficulty curve is described as challenging but fair, with accessibility options available for those who need them.

❤ Immersive Presentation and Storytelling

Reviewers consistently praise the game's signature visual style, with rich, hand-painted environments and smooth 3D character animations. The electrifying original soundtrack further enhances the atmospheric presentation. The game's ability to seamlessly integrate a compelling narrative into the roguelike gameplay loop is highlighted as a particular strength, allowing players to become invested in the characters and the unfolding story.

❤ Commitment to Improvement through Early Access

As an Early Access title, the game is praised for its level of polish and content, often exceeding the quality of many full-release games. Reviewers note that the developers have demonstrated a commitment to iterating on player feedback, addressing issues like the initial concerns about the dash mechanics. The promise of regular content updates and the development team's track record with the previous title instill confidence in the game's ability to continue improving over time.

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