The Planet Crafter

by Miju Games

The Developer Says...

A space survival open world terraforming crafting game, designed for 1 to 10 players. Alter the ecosystem of an inhospitable planet to render it habitable for humanity. Survive, gather resources, and build your base. Then, generate oxygen, warmth, and pressure to create a brand new biosphere.

Players Like...

❤ Transforming the Planet

Players take on the mission of altering an uninhabitable planet into a lush, thriving paradise for humanity. Through a systematic progression, you steadily increase the atmospheric pressure, temperature, and oxygen levels. You witness the once yellow, sandy terrain transform into expansive green fields, blue skies, and the emergence of life - from moss and insects to larger flora and fauna. Directly shaping this environmental metamorphosis proves both rewarding and captivating.

❤ Balancing Survival Needs

Maintaining adequate oxygen, water, and food supplies is critical to your own survival. You must strategically place life support systems and cultivation equipment around your base to meet these needs. Exploring the planet to gather resources, craft new tools and machines, and expand your operations forms the core gameplay loop, keeping you engaged without external threats to distract you.

❤ Crafting and Automation

The robust crafting system allows you to unlock and construct a wide array of equipment, structures, and terraforming tools. From oxygen generators and water purifiers to advanced machines that accelerate the terraforming process, the crafting progression provides a tangible sense of expanding your capabilities. The game also encourages automation, enabling you to set up self-sustaining systems that passively contribute to the terraforming effort.

❤ Uncovering the Planet's Secrets

The procedurally generated planet offers a sense of exploration and discovery as you traverse the landscape. Shipwrecks, ruins, and other points of interest encourage you to venture out and uncover the planet's hidden secrets and lore, contributing to the game's immersive and relaxing atmosphere.

❤ A Chill, Relaxing Experience

Perhaps the most praised aspect is the game's chill and relaxing nature. Absent of traditional survival threats like hostile creatures or combat, you can focus solely on the satisfaction of terraforming and base-building at your own pace. The soothing soundtrack and lack of time pressure create a meditative experience, where you can simply enjoy the process of transforming the planet and building your vision of a prosperous, habitable world.

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