City Bus Manager

by PeDePe GbR, Aerosoft GmbH

The Developer Says...

Build your own bus depot from scratch and create your personal bus routes in City Bus Manager. Play in your own hometown or any famous city in the world with real map data. Buy buses, maintain them, take care of your staff and lead your bus company to become the #1 in town!

Players Like...

❤ Designing Efficient Bus Networks

The game lets you create bus routes and networks based on real-world maps, drawing from OpenStreetMap data to faithfully recreate the road networks and points of interest in your hometown or any city worldwide. This allows you to meticulously plan routes that mirror real-life public transportation systems or experiment with completely new network designs. You have significant control over route planning, including setting schedules, frequencies, and stop locations. The game aims for a high level of realism, with route travel times based on actual traffic patterns and passenger volumes calculated using real-world data. This encourages you to thoughtfully design your networks to maximize efficiency and profitability.

❤ Managing a Diverse Bus Fleet

You must purchase and maintain a variety of bus models, each with their own characteristics and costs. The in-depth bus customization tools let you repaint and modify the appearance of your vehicles, allowing you to tailor the look of your bus company. Keeping the buses in good condition is crucial - you must regularly service, fuel, and clean your fleet to ensure they are ready to transport passengers. Failure to properly maintain the buses can lead to breakdowns and unhappy customers.

❤ Running the Full Bus Company Operations

Beyond route planning and fleet management, you are tasked with running the full operations of your bus company. This includes hiring and managing a staff of drivers, mechanics, cleaners, and other support personnel. Each employee has unique skills and traits that affect their performance, requiring you to carefully assign shifts and duties to optimize productivity. The game also features a ticket sales and passenger feedback system, allowing you to set fares and monitor customer satisfaction. Maintaining happy passengers is essential for growing your business and unlocking new expansion opportunities.

❤ Endless Customization and Replayability

A thriving community has emerged around the game, with players sharing custom bus designs, routes, and even entire cities via the robust Steam Workshop integration. This modding support enables endless replayability, as you can constantly refresh your experience by downloading new content created by the community.

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