by Odd Meter, 11 bit studios

The Developer Says...

Play a third-person, story-driven game set in alternative Russia at the turn of the XIX century where religious visions clash with harsh reality. INDIKA tells the story of a young nun who sets off on a journey of self-discovery with the most unusual companion by her side, the devil himself.

Players Like...

❤ Exploration and Movement

Players control the protagonist, Indika, as she travels through the game's surreal landscapes. Movement is relatively simple, allowing players to walk, run, and interact with various objects and characters. The camera angles and perspectives often shift, adding to the sense of exploration and immersion.

❤ Dialogue and Narrative

A significant portion of the gameplay involves conversing with Indika's companion, the devil-like figure Ilya. Players praise these dialogue sequences for their depth, wit, and philosophical undertones as the characters discuss topics of faith, morality, and the nature of free will. The narrative progresses through these conversations and occasional cutscenes that provide insight into Indika's backstory and inner turmoil.

❤ Puzzle-Solving

Interspersed throughout the game are various puzzles that players must solve. These range from simple object manipulation tasks to more complex spatial reasoning challenges. While not overly difficult, players enjoy how the puzzles integrate with the game's surreal environments and thematic elements, balancing the narrative-driven pacing.

❤ Mini-Games

At certain points, the game shifts to 2D pixel art mini-games that provide a change of pace. These timing-based challenges are described as nostalgic yet seamlessly fitting into the overall experience, offering a brief respite from the walking and dialogue while maintaining the game's unique style and tone.

❤ Player Engagement and Immersion

Players praise the game's balanced gameplay, which combines exploration, dialogue, puzzles, and occasional mini-games to create a captivating and memorable experience. The unique visual style, atmospheric sound design, and thought-provoking philosophical themes all contribute to the game's ability to engage and immerse players in its surreal world.

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