by Airstrafe Interactive

The Developer Says...

Embark on an epic adventure across the lands as a humble shopkeeper. Build your shop exactly the way you want it, sell goods from your travels, and defend your base from nightly horrors in this open world shopkeeping RPG for 1-8 players!

Players Like...

❤ Gameplay Overview

The game blends shopkeeping, adventure, and combat elements into an open-world survival/crafting experience. Players can focus on different aspects, such as exploration, combat, farming, or running an efficient retail business.

❤ Shopkeeping and Business Management

Players can build and customize their own shop, strategically placing furniture, equipment, and decorations to create an optimal layout. Customers with unique needs and budgets will dynamically navigate the shop, presenting opportunities to maximize profits through effective placement and inventory management. Hire NPC employees to automate tasks like cleaning, stocking shelves, and serving customers, allowing players to focus on other activities. Upgrade operations with features like turrets and self-checkout machines to scale the business.

❤ Exploration and Adventure

Venture out into a vast, open-world environment divided into distinct biomes, each with unique resources, quests, and challenges. Enjoy a sense of discovery while fast-traveling between locations using teleporters.

❤ Combat and Survival

Utilize a satisfying combat system that allows players to wield a variety of weapons, from melee to ranged firearms and spellbooks. Survive nightly hordes of enemies attacking the shop by employing defensive measures, such as automated turrets, traps, or personal combat skills. Inventory management and crafting systems enhance the survival and combat aspects, enabling players to create and equip a wide array of gear and supplies.

❤ Cooperative Multiplayer

Support for up to 8 players in cooperative multiplayer allows groups to explore the world, build shops, and defend against threats together, each contributing unique skills and specializations. Shared progression and the ability to take characters between different "games/worlds" encourage collaborative gameplay.

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