by Simon Fredholm, Kwalee

The Developer Says...

Keep your trigger finger on the pulse! In rhythm shooter ROBOBEAT, you'll play as Ace - a bounty hunter on a mission to capture robot-gone-rogue Frazzer in his ever-shifting lair. Wall run, slide, and shoot to your own beat using the in-game custom music editor, blasting through Frazzer's armies!

Players Like...

❤ Rhythm-Based Shooting Mechanics

The core gameplay loop revolves around shooting enemies in time with the beat of the music. Reviewers praise the satisfying "on-the-beat" feel, as players are rewarded for keeping their shots timed to the rhythm - this increases damage output and reduces cooldowns. The game offers a diverse array of weapons and modifications that further enhance this rhythm-based combat.

❤ Fluid Movement System Enhances Combat

Reviewers highlight the smooth and responsive movement system, which allows players to execute a variety of maneuvers, including wall-running, sliding, double jumping, and grappling. This movement toolset, combined with the rhythm-based shooting, creates a sense of flow and momentum that players find engaging and skillful to master.

❤ Seamless Custom Music Integration

One of the standout features is the ability to import custom music tracks, with the game's beat detection system automatically generating enemy spawns and other events to match the rhythm. Reviewers enthusiastically praise this functionality, noting that it allows them to tailor the gameplay experience to their own music preferences, further elevating the rhythm-based combat.

❤ Rogue-like Structure Encourages Experimentation

The game is structured as a rogue-like, with procedurally generated levels, weapon unlocks, and other progression elements. This format, coupled with the custom music integration, ensures that each playthrough feels unique and encourages players to experiment with different loadouts and strategies to overcome the challenges.

❤ High Skill Ceiling Rewards Mastery

Reviewers consistently highlight the game's high skill ceiling, with the rhythm-based combat and fluid movement system allowing players to pull off impressive, stylish maneuvers. The difficulty is praised as being challenging but fair, rewarding players who can precisely time their shots and movements.

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