Rogue Voltage

by Horizont Computergrafik, IndieArk

The Developer Says...

The engineering roguelike. Construct your own skills by wiring up modules. Build crazy machines to zap the monsters and trigger satisfying chain reactions.

Players Like...

❤ Constructing Unique Abilities by Wiring Modular Components

Instead of selecting a pre-made deck, players build their own "machines" by combining various modules with distinct functions, colors, and connection types. This allows for endless customization, as players experiment with different module configurations to create synergistic combos.

❤ Manipulating the Timeline for Tactical Advantage

A key mechanic lets players slow down, speed up, or even reverse the order of turns. This adds depth as players position themselves and enemies on the timeline, setting up devastating chain reactions or avoiding deadly attacks. Reviewers praise this "wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey" system as a refreshing twist.

❤ Optimizing Module Configurations for Maximum Efficiency

Building an effective machine requires careful planning. Players must consider module synergies, activation order, and energy resource allocation. This creates a satisfying puzzle-like experience as players strive to create the most powerful, efficient setups. Reviewers highlight the "big brain" moments when discovering game-changing combos.

❤ Experimenting with Diverse Character Abilities

The roster of 9 unique characters, each with their own special modules and playstyles, leads to dramatically different runs. Reviewers note that discovering synergies between character pairings is a key part of the gameplay loop.

❤ Navigating Randomized Roguelike Challenges

The game's randomized levels and enemy encounters keep each run fresh. The difficulty scales over the course of a run, with reviewers praising the satisfying feeling of building up a powerful machine to overcome increasingly challenging threats. The permadeath and randomized nature contribute to a high-stakes, rewarding gameplay loop.

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