RiffTrax: The Game

by Wide Right Interactive, Mark Zorn, Kurt Wojda

The Developer Says...

RiffTrax: The Game is a multiplayer party game where players compete to make bad movies funny. Do you have what it takes to be the next movie riffing genius? Grab your friends and make fun of some of the worst cinematic abominations ever created.

Players Like...

❤ Gameplay Modes Offer Versatile Riffing Experiences

Players can choose between two engaging gameplay modes. In the "Write-a-Riff" mode, players compose their own clever quips to accompany movie clips, which are then spoken aloud through text-to-speech. Alternatively, the "Pick-a-Riff" mode allows players to select pre-written riffs provided by the creators of Mystery Science Theater 3000, which viewers then hear performed over the clips.

❤ Customization Expands Creative Possibilities

Beyond the 450+ included movie clips, players can import their own content to curate personalized riffing experiences. Users can also add custom sound effects to enhance their riffs, empowering them to unleash their comedic creativity. The active community has shared valuable tips and resources for seamlessly incorporating user-generated material.

❤ Thriving Multiplayer and Streaming Integration

The game seamlessly facilitates both local and online multiplayer, enabling players to compete against friends or strangers through matchmaking. Streamers praise the Twitch integration, which lets their audiences participate by voting on riffs or even playing along. The community has enthusiastically organized online play sessions, fostering a vibrant social experience.

❤ Clever Blend of Predefined and User-Generated Content

The game masterfully balances predefined riffs from the iconic MST3K crew with player-created content. This versatile approach ensures an endlessly replayable experience, catering to fans of bad movies and comedy alike. Whether relying on the expert riffs or flexing their own comedic muscles, players consistently report hours of hilarity.

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