Throne of Bone

by Windmill Slam

The Developer Says...

Draft minions to defeat all who oppose the honest work of necromancy. Learn spells, find relics, and reclaim your castle to unite the land through undeath in this unholy amalgam of roguelike and autobattler.

Players Like...

❤ Gameplay Overview

Players take on the role of a necromancer, drafting a team of over 50 unique minions to defeat their opponents in procedurally-generated encounters. The core loop involves progressing through these encounters, acquiring new minions and spells, and utilizing strategic placement and spell casting to achieve victory.

❤ Deckbuilding and Minion Draft

The deckbuilding and minion draft mechanic is a key aspect of the gameplay. Players can draft new minions to add to their team, upgrading existing minions, and crafting powerful strategies around specific minion combinations and abilities.

❤ Spell Management

In addition to their minion team, players have access to a spellbook of over 30 necromantic spells. Before each combat, players can select a set of spells to utilize, adding an additional layer of strategy and decision-making to the gameplay. These spells can sway the tide of battle, providing powerful effects and abilities to support the player's minions.

❤ Autobattler Gameplay

The core combat takes the form of an autobattler, where players deploy their minions onto a battlefield and watch them engage in combat automatically. However, players can still influence the outcome through strategic minion placement and spell casting, creating an engaging blend of automation and player agency.

❤ Progression and Customization

As players progress through runs, they can unlock new necromancers, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. Additionally, players can acquire relics and upgrades to further empower their minions and strategies, leading to increasingly powerful and customized builds over the course of a run.

❤ Replayability and Challenges

The game's procedurally-generated encounters, diverse minion and spell combinations, and the ability to challenge your previous "best" deck at the end of a successful run all contribute to the game's replayability. While some players have found the game to be easier than expected, the developers have added difficulty modifiers to increase the challenge and encourage further experimentation with different strategies.

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