by Brute Farce

The Developer Says...

Delve into grid-based tactical combat in this roguelike deckbuilder. Coordinate your heroes, modify your cards with unique runes, construct powerful item builds, and sidestep card-corrupting terrain to survive a gauntlet of befouled enemies.

Players Like...

❤ Game Overview and Key Features

The game combines elements from popular titles like Slay the Spire and Into the Breach, allowing players to control two hero characters simultaneously, each with their own unique move deck and abilities. Players must navigate through a gauntlet of corrupted enemies, traps, and environmental hazards, making strategic decisions to survive.

❤ Coordinated Duo Gameplay

Players can control two heroes at once during each run, introducing an additional layer of strategy. Synergizing the heroes' complementary skills and building a cohesive deck is crucial for success. For example, players can coordinate their heroes to reposition enemies and allies, creating opportunities for devastating combo plays.

❤ Grid-Based Tactical Combat

The game's grid-based combat system adds a tactical element not often seen in deckbuilding roguelikes. Players must thoughtfully position their heroes to maximize damage, protect themselves from hazards, and maneuver enemies into advantageous positions. Cards can be used to reposition both allies and foes, such as knocking enemies back into walls or teleporting heroes to gain an energy advantage.

❤ Deckbuilding Mechanics

The game offers a robust card progression system, allowing players to acquire new cards, runes, and relics to customize and improve their heroes' move decks over the course of a run. Players must choose between optimizing a specific archetype, such as a lightning or ice-based build, or maintaining a balanced deck.

❤ Card Corruption and Environmental Hazards

The game features card-corrupting environmental hazards that can negatively impact a player's cards. Navigating around these obstacles and managing the effects on their decks is a key part of the gameplay. For instance, players may encounter terrain that "hexes" their cards, forcing them to make difficult choices about which cards to play.

❤ Player Agency and Meaningful Choices

Reviews praise the game for the meaningful choices players must make throughout their runs, from deciding which cards to prioritize to balancing risk and reward at shops and black markets. The ability to choose which heroes to bring into each battle also shapes the overall experience.

❤ Replayability and Progression

With a wide variety of heroes, cards, relics, and encounters, the game offers high replayability. The randomized nature of each run and the gradual progression system contribute to the addictive and rewarding gameplay loop. As players continue to play, they can unlock new content, further enhancing the overall experience.

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