This is a Ghost

by Nuci

The Developer Says...

This is a Ghost is a ghost-hunting psychological horror game. Using your equipment, track down paranormal activity and gather evidence to identify the entity, then banish it from this world! Solo and online co-op play for up to 4 players. 👻

Players Like...

❤ Blending Investigation and Combat

The game's core loop puts players in the shoes of a ghost hunter, tasking them with investigating a haunted location, gathering evidence to identify the specific entity, and then using specialized equipment and ammunition to banish the ghost. This blend of investigative and combat-oriented gameplay sets it apart from more passive ghost hunting experiences.

❤ Comprehensive Evidence Gathering

During each investigation, players must meticulously collect a wide range of evidence, including the ghost's name, year of death, cause of death, and favorite room. This comprehensive approach to evidence gathering, in addition to the standard ghost type identification, provides a deeper sense of progression and accomplishment as players uncover the entity's history and characteristics.

❤ Expansive Arsenal of Tools

The game equips players with an impressive arsenal of specialized tools and weapons to aid in the ghost-hunting process. From EMF radars and night vision filters to shotguns and custom-crafted ammunition, the array of equipment offers numerous ways for players to approach each encounter. Selecting the right tools for the task at hand is critical to success.

❤ Challenging Banishment Rituals

Banishing the identified ghost is no easy feat. Players must carefully use the correct ammunition and trapping methods to weaken and eventually eliminate the entity. The game ramps up the challenge by having the ghost's activity and strength increase over time, forcing players to act quickly and decisively to avoid being overwhelmed.

❤ Diverse Ghostly Threats

With 23 different ghosts, each with unique behaviors and vulnerabilities, players must adapt their strategies accordingly. The choice of equipment, ammunition, and approach can significantly impact the outcome of a given encounter, encouraging experimentation and replayability as players discover the most effective methods for dealing with the diverse array of paranormal threats.

❤ Persistent Progression System

The game features a persistent progression system, allowing players to unlock new ghosts, maps, and equipment upgrades over time. This sense of growth and expansion keeps players engaged, as they strive to expand their knowledge and capabilities to tackle increasingly challenging contracts.

❤ Cooperative Ghost Hunting

The game supports online co-op play for up to four players, adding an exciting social dimension to the experience. Coordinating with teammates, sharing resources, and navigating the challenges together can heighten the intensity and enjoyment of the ghost-hunting experience.

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