by LEAP Game Studios, Tiny Ghoul, Good Shepherd Entertainment

The Developer Says...

Wield magical dice and build a team of powerful Chimeras to stop a mysterious evil in this tactical roguelite adventure. As a Chimera Summoner, recruit and create your perfect team of mythical beasts and command them to victory using unique dice mechanics.

Players Like...

❤ Seamless Dice Manipulation

At the core of the gameplay, players control the actions of both their own team of fantastical creatures and the enemy team through the strategic placement of dice. This unique mechanic requires players to carefully consider how to maximize the effectiveness of their moves while simultaneously minimizing the damage potential of their opponents. Reviewers praised this fresh take on turn-based combat, noting its simplicity in execution and depth in strategic implications.

❤ Synergistic Team Building

The game offers over 100 distinct creatures, each with unique abilities and stat distributions. Players can experiment with various team compositions, discovering powerful synergies between complementary creature abilities. Equipping these creatures with a variety of items and relics further enhances the customization and optimization possibilities, allowing players to fine-tune their strategies.

❤ Tactical Maneuvering

Managing the rotation of creatures in and out of the lead position is crucial to success. The lead creature takes the majority of actions on a given turn, so players must carefully time the order in which abilities are resolved to minimize damage and maximize their team's effectiveness. Reviewers highlighted this rotation mechanic as a engaging strategic element that sets the game apart.

❤ Risk-Reward Decision Making

Throughout each run, players encounter opportunities to acquire new creatures, relics, and other power-ups. However, these choices often involve trade-offs, where waiting to see all three options may yield a more powerful creature, but at the cost of potential healing or other benefits. Navigating these risk-reward decisions and making the best choices for a given run is a core part of the gameplay loop that reviewers found both challenging and rewarding.

❤ Increasing Challenges and Replayability

The game offers an "Ascension" or "Trial" mode that gradually increases the difficulty, introducing new modifiers and challenges that force players to adapt their strategies and team compositions. Reviewers noted that this system helps to extend the game's replayability and provide a meaningful sense of progression beyond the main campaign.

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