Path of Achra

by Ulfsire, Slouching Beast LLC

The Developer Says...

Path of Achra is a dark fantasy roguelike of the ancient earth, with a focus on streamlined controls and rapid hero customization. A "broken build sandbox." Fight through the deadly lands of Achra to reach the horrors of the Obelisk, and discover what lies beyond...

Players Like...

❤ Automating Complexity to Highlight Core Strategy

The developers have streamlined many traditional roguelike mechanics, automating lower-level actions to allow players to focus on strategizing and optimizing their character build. Skills and abilities automatically trigger based on the player's chosen actions (attack, move, pray, stand still), creating an engaging "daisy chain" of effects and synergies to manage.

❤ Over 3.3 Million Build Combinations to Discover

Players can choose from a wide array of cultures, classes, and religions to create their starting character, and then unlock an expansive skill tree with over 90 unique powers. This allows for over 3.3 million potential character builds, each with their own unique playstyle and synergies to discover. Finding and exploiting powerful build combinations is a key source of enjoyment and replayability.

❤ Rapid, Satisfying Progression Loops

A typical run can be completed in 1-2 hours, with progress carrying over between runs. This fast-paced structure enables players to quickly experiment with new builds and incrementally progress their overall mastery. The streamlined gameplay loop of customizing a character, exploring procedurally generated levels, and facing increasingly difficult challenges creates a highly addictive and satisfying progression curve.

❤ Emergent and Expressive Combat

While the core combat mechanics are relatively simple, the complex interplay of player abilities, enemy types, and environmental factors leads to an emergent and highly expressive combat system. Players delight in discovering unexpected synergies between their powers and items, creating elaborate "broken" builds that allow them to unleash devastating, screen-clearing attacks.

❤ Accessible Design Prioritizes Core Gameplay

The developers have implemented a number of quality-of-life features, such as the ability to auto-move and auto-attack, as well as detailed combat logs. These accessibility improvements minimize tedious micromanagement, allowing players to focus on the core strategic and build-crafting aspects of the experience.

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