The Land Beneath Us

by FairPlay Studios Co. Ltd, Dear Villagers, Gamera Games

The Developer Says...

The Land Beneath Us: A turn-based rogue-lite dungeon crawler rooted in Welsh mythology. Unleash skill combos and wield stylish weaponry in Annwn's Underworld. Conquer the Seven Lords, save The Creator, and retrieve vital Soul-Tech.

Players Like...

❤ Unique Directional Weapon System

Players wield a unique directional weapon system, where their arsenal of weapons is tied to the direction they move. This core mechanic encourages strategic positioning, as players must carefully consider which weapons to equip in each directional slot to effectively attack enemies and avoid damage. The ability to experiment with diverse combat setups and synergistic combos further enhances the tactical depth.

❤ Streamlined Turn-Based Combat

The combat maintains a brisk, action-oriented pace despite being turn-based. Enemies move simultaneously with the player, eliminating the traditional "wait your turn" downtime. This streamlined approach results in a fluid gaming experience where players can quickly execute attacks and navigate through encounters.

❤ Depth through Customization and Progression

The progression system and upgrade options foster a high degree of replayability. As players overcome challenges, they unlock new weapons, relics, and abilities, allowing them to experiment with a wide array of playstyles and synergies. The randomized loot and procedurally generated levels ensure that each run feels unique, compelling players to adapt their strategies accordingly.

❤ Rewarding Skill Expression

Mastering the game's intricate combat system, such as perfectly executing directional chip abilities, offers a satisfying sense of skill expression and progression. The steep learning curve and punishing nature of the roguelike genre ensure that each victory feels hard-earned and meaningful.

❤ Flexible Pacing and Player Agency

The turn-based nature provides the flexibility for players to take their time and strategize, while also allowing them to quickly resolve turns for a more fast-paced experience. This control over the pace of the action, combined with responsive controls, empowers players and enhances the sense of tactical agency.

❤ Engaging Gameplay Loop

The engaging gameplay loop, where players are consistently rewarded for their skill and strategic decision-making, fosters a deeply addictive experience. Whether it's unlocking new abilities, discovering powerful synergies, or overcoming challenging encounters, each run encourages repeated playthroughs and a profound sense of investment.

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