by Ureasoft

The Developer Says...

E.E.R.I.E 2 is a tactical shooting game. In the modern Gensokyo, play the role of fairy Luna, and uses a variety of modern light weapons and tactical equipment to join in a war that decides the fate of Gensokyo.

Players Like...

❤ Weapon Customization and Handling

Players rave about the comprehensive and realistic weapon system. The game features a wide variety of real-world and fictional firearms, each with detailed modeling, mechanisms, and animations. Gamers can extensively customize their weapons, adjusting everything from scopes and attachments to magazine capacity and firing modes. Players report that the guns feel powerful and satisfying to use, with exceptional weapon handling.

❤ Combat Diversity

Navigating diverse environments, from open suburban fields to enclosed indoor spaces, players encounter enemies exhibiting varied behaviors. The inclusion of heavy weapons, like armored vehicles, adds an additional layer of tactical complexity. The combination of different enemy types, friendly forces, and environmental factors creates an engaging and multifaceted combat experience.

❤ Tactical Gameplay

The open-world structure and game mechanics based on realistic logic allow players to experiment with different strategies and use their imagination to complete objectives. Features like bullet time, leaning, and crouching enable carefully planned and executed moves, heightening the sense of tactical engagement.

❤ Immersive Experience

The open-world design, combined with realistic mechanics, helps to create a sense of agency and investment in the game world. Players can freely explore the environment, discover hidden loot, and navigate the narrative at their own pace, contributing to an immersive experience.

❤ Player Feedback and Ongoing Development

While the game has received generally positive reviews, players have also noted areas for improvement, such as the need for better tutorials, more polished vehicle handling, and a deeper narrative. However, the developers have demonstrated a commitment to addressing these concerns and continuously updating the game, suggesting ongoing evolution and improvement.

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