Tales from Candleforth

by Under the Bed Games, Feardemic

The Developer Says...

Tales from Candleforth is a folk horror 2D point and click game with puzzles and escape room mechanics, that narrates the fairy tales from the village. The text contained in this ancient and evil book is now bleeding out, mixing the world of nightmares with the real one through handmade 2D graphics.

Players Like...

❤ Gameplay Overview

The game follows the story of 16-year-old Sarah, who must run her family's apothecary and uncover dark secrets about her family and the mysterious town of Candleforth. Players interact with the 2D hand-drawn world, solve puzzles, and unravel the narrative through exploration and discovery.

❤ Puzzles and Challenges

Players encounter a variety of well-designed puzzles that range from easy to challenging. Reviewers praised the puzzles as "cleverly crafted" and "not too difficult, but not extremely easy." To solve the puzzles, players must carefully examine the game world, combine items, and use logical thinking. Solving the puzzles reveals more about the mysteries of Candleforth, as the puzzles "feel seamlessly fitting into the game's world."

❤ Exploration and Interaction

The game encourages players to thoroughly explore the detailed, hand-drawn environments and interact with the various objects and characters. Reviewers highlighted the game's attention to detail, stating that the unique art creates an immersive and atmospheric experience. Players must scour each scene to uncover clues, collect items, and discover new paths forward, with the narrative slowly unfolding as they delve deeper into the game's world.

❤ Pacing and Progression

Reviewers noted that the game's pacing feels well-balanced, allowing players to progress at a comfortable rate. The gradual introduction of new puzzles and story elements helps to maintain player engagement, with the game slowly "delving into the realm of the most grim folk horror" as the narrative progresses. Most players were able to complete the game in a few afternoons, appreciating the game's ability to keep them engaged and invested in the unfolding mysteries.

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