Zet Zillions

by OTA IMON Studios, Raw Fury

The Developer Says...

Zet Zillions is a single-player roguelike deckbuilder where you use your cards to make freakish combinations and explode entire planets. BIG-BADDA-BOOM!

Players Like...

❤ Unique Gameplay Mechanics

The fusion system allows players to combine cards in their hand, creating new and more powerful cards on the spot. This adds an extra layer of strategy as players must carefully consider which card combinations will be most effective. The "population" mechanic lets players "throw" their own crew members at enemy planets and vessels, either colonizing them or stunning opponents.

❤ Engaging Deckbuilding

Players can remove unwanted cards from their deck, enabling them to focus on specific strategies and synergies. With a wide variety of cards and potential fusions, the deckbuilding offers significant depth and replayability.

❤ Challenging, Tactical Combat

Combat requires players to think several steps ahead and employ the best tactical approach to defeat powerful enemies. The interplay of card effects, fusion mechanics, and population management creates a complex and engaging combat system.

❤ Progression and Unlocks

While some reviewers note slow progression and unlocking, the game has significant depth and potential for future content updates. Players can look forward to new fusions, cards, minions, and story content being added over time.

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