Omega Crafter

by Preferred Networks

The Developer Says...

Adventure in a vast open-world survival craft game with your programmable sidekick Grammi! Program the Grammi to collect materials, build your town, craft weapons and armor to challenge strong enemies! Play alone or with friends online!

Players Like...

❤ Gameplay Overview

Explore a vast, procedurally-generated open world, build a city, and challenge powerful enemies using a programmable sidekick. Players can adventure solo or cooperatively with friends online.

❤ Programmatic Helpers

Customize and program "Grammi" companions using a visual scripting system. Direct them to automate tasks like mining, logging, crafting, and even dancing. This frees players to focus on exploration, combat, and city-building.

❤ City Building and Automation

Gather resources to construct an efficient, self-sustaining settlement. Optimize material production and construction by automating processes with customized Grammi programs. Players praise the depth and satisfaction of the city-building mechanics.

❤ Exploration and Progression

Uncover multiple biomes, each with unique landscapes, monsters, materials, and secrets. As players progress, they unlock new craftable items, allowing them to tackle increasingly powerful enemies. Reviewers highlight the engaging sense of exploration and progression.

❤ Combat and Challenges

While combat revolves around melee and ranged attacks, the difficulty scales well. Defeating stronger foes and acquiring better gear provides a satisfying gameplay loop.

❤ Cooperative Multiplayer

The shared exploration, building, and challenge-conquering experience has been praised by players who enjoy the ability to divide tasks with friends.

❤ Educational Potential

The intuitive visual programming system can introduce coding concepts in an engaging way, making the game potentially useful as an educational tool.

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