by Split Second Games, Yogscast Games

The Developer Says...

Hexguardian is a roguelite, tower defense game where you build your own maps with hexagonal tiles! Build and upgrade towers, recruit armies, learn spells, construct wonders and place hexagonal tiles to create a path to enhance your defenses. With plenty of game modes and talents to unlock!

Players Like...

❤ Building the Map

At the core of the gameplay, players earn hexagonal tiles by defeating enemies, then strategically place these tiles to create their own unique maps. Reviewers praise this tile-placement mechanic as a fresh and engaging twist on tower defense. By shaping the game world, players can block off enemy routes, optimize their defenses, and gain tactical advantages.

❤ Towers, Units, and Synergies

The game retains classic tower defense elements, allowing players to construct a variety of towers and recruit specialized units. Mastering the interactions between different tower types and unit compositions is key to success. Reviewers highlight the satisfying combat, with towers applying unique elemental effects and units complementing each other in combat.

❤ Progression and Customization

As players progress, they unlock a robust talent tree, granting access to new towers, units, upgrades, and permanent bonuses. This meta-progression system allows players to continuously expand their strategic options and overcome the game's initial difficulty. Reviewers praise the sense of advancement and customization this provides.

❤ Replayability and Variety

The game's procedurally generated maps, diverse biomes, and weekly challenge modes ensure that each playthrough feels unique. Reviewers enjoy the flexibility to close off paths or funnel enemies, further enhancing the strategic depth. The combination of randomized elements and player-driven map building contributes to the game's high replayability.

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