by KDream, ETime Studio

The Developer Says...

"Fatermyth" is an RPG game that combines tabletop role-playing and adventure. The storylines of seven characters from different eras intertwine, depicting an epic of human heroes. The strategic battles with dice + skills add more challenges to the adventure.

Players Like...

❤ The Dice and Card-Based Combat System Drives Strategic Decisions

At the core of the gameplay lies a unique dice and card-based combat system. Players use different dice, such as Yin, Yang, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and Black Tortoise, to perform various actions and overcome challenges. The Yang dice can substitute for any other dice except Yin, which is more powerful but harder to obtain. The gameplay loop involves rolling the dice, matching the required dice types to pass skill checks, and engaging in tactical battles. Each dice roll determines the direction of the battle, compelling players to make wise choices to succeed.

❤ Customizable Character Growth Empowers Player Agency

As players progress, they earn skill points to customize their character's abilities. This system allows for a high degree of flexibility, as players can completely change their initial skills and unlock powerful passive abilities. Unlocking and upgrading these passive abilities is crucial, as they significantly enhance the player's combat effectiveness.

❤ Diverse Quests and Equipment Encourage Experimentation

The game offers numerous interesting quests and dungeon challenges, each with unique narratives. Every character has a distinct combat style, and players can choose higher-level skills to enhance their abilities as they level up. The game also features a wide variety of equipment, each with its own special effects. By combining these equipment pieces, players can create unique skill combinations tailored to their preferred playstyle.

❤ Captivating Storytelling Blends Myth and History

The game's narrative seamlessly blends elements of ancient Chinese mythology and history with the creator's imagination. The story is presented in a visual novel-like format, complete with choices and failure states that significantly impact the player's experience. Players praise the depth, attention to detail, and the way the narrative interweaves the destinies of the seven main characters across different eras.

❤ Random Events and Replayability Encourage Exploration

The game features numerous random events and dungeons for players to discover and challenge. This element of unpredictability adds to the game's replayability, as players can encounter different scenarios and outcomes during each playthrough.

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