Ufouria: The Saga 2


The Developer Says...

Explore the unique and wacky world of SUNSOFT's Ufouria in this exploration-based side-scrolling game. The levels' terrain change each time you play with new secrets to explore. Be charmed, comforted and tickled by the fluffy felt-like remake of the strange-but-cute world of Ufouria!

Players Like...

❤ Gameplay Overview

The game features an exploration-based action side-scrolling platformer structure, with a focus on charming, wacky world-building and characters. While loosely based on the original "Ufouria" (known as "Hebereke" in Japan), the sequel introduces several key differences in its gameplay approach.

❤ Platforming and Exploration

Players take control of a crew of quirky characters, each with their own unique skills like jumping, climbing walls, and throwing projectiles. The vertically-oriented levels encourage experimentation with different character combinations to access hidden paths and secrets. For example, the player may need to use one character's wall-climbing ability to reach a platform, then switch to another character to jump across a gap.

❤ Progression and Upgrades

Instead of finding power-ups in the environment like the original game, progression in the sequel centers around a hub area where players can purchase upgrades from a vending machine. These upgrades are obtained by collecting cans and coins scattered throughout the randomly-generated levels. This setup creates a loop of exploring levels, collecting resources, and then returning to the hub to invest in new abilities and equipment.

❤ Randomized Level Design

A key feature that sets the sequel apart is the implementation of randomized level layouts. Each time a player enters a stage, the terrain and enemy placement is rearranged, ensuring a fresh challenge with each playthrough. For instance, a level that previously featured a straightforward path may now have an alternative route blocked by new obstacles, forcing the player to adapt their strategy.

❤ Charming Presentation

The game's most praised aspect is its delightful visual presentation. The levels and characters are rendered in a handcrafted, felt-like aesthetic that evokes a whimsical, arts-and-crafts style. For example, the iron bead artwork pays homage to the nostalgic pixelated look of the original, while the fluffy feltwork recreates the strange-but-cute world of the franchise.

❤ Accessibility and Challenge

While the platforming can be challenging at times, reviewers have noted that the game is generally on the easier side, making it an accessible experience. The randomized level design and upgrade system help to ensure that the challenge remains manageable, allowing players to enjoy the charming world and characters without becoming overly frustrated.

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