Creator of Another World

by kuetaro (くえたろう)

The Developer Says...

A roguelike RPG with a high degree of freedom. Explore the world full of adventures, interact with its inhabitants, marry, steal, do farming and fishing, blacksmithing and forging, mix potions, build towns without being tied to any goal!

Players Like...

❤ Gameplay Overview

The game features a randomly generated world, towns, inhabitants, adventurers, and dungeons, providing a fresh experience every playthrough. Players have the ability to freely explore this world, interact with its residents, and engage in a variety of activities beyond just combat and questing.

❤ Exploration and World-Building

Players can visit towns, interact with NPCs, and uncover new areas to expand the game world. Over time, as the player's fame and influence grows, they can directly shape and expand the game world, creating new towns and settlements. This sense of world-building and customization is a major draw for many players.

❤ Flexible Character Progression

Players are not tied to any specific class or role, and can freely learn a wide variety of skills, from combat abilities to more domestic skills like farming, fishing, and blacksmithing. This allows players to customize their character and playstyle to suit their preferences, whether that's focusing on combat, crafting, or a mix of different activities.

❤ Emergent Gameplay and Randomized Elements

The game is filled with randomized elements, such as equipment, enemy skills, and NPC personalities and behaviors. This leads to constantly changing situations and challenges, encouraging players to adapt their strategies on the fly. Random events and encounters can also occur, further adding to the unpredictability and replayability of the experience.

❤ Strategic Combat

While the combat is turn-based, factors like character positioning, visibility, weather, and time of day can all influence the flow of battle, forcing players to carefully consider their actions and equipment choices. The ability to learn enemy skills by reading skill books also adds an additional layer of depth to combat.

❤ Relationships and Interactions

Players can befriend, marry, and even recruit NPCs to join their party, adding a social element to the gameplay. The reactions and personalities of these NPCs are also randomized, leading to unique and often unpredictable interactions.

❤ Freedom and Sandbox Elements

Players are not tied to any specific goals or objectives and can freely choose how they want to spend their time, whether that's engaging in combat, farming, fishing, crafting, or simply exploring and interacting with the world. This open-ended approach allows players to create their own unique stories and experiences within the game.

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