Bingle Bingle

by Knitting Games

The Developer Says...

Bingle Bingle is a 'Roulette Builder' game where you can create your own Roulette. Strategically combine various betting options and unique balls to create synergies, earn extreme scores, and beat the casino

Players Like...

❤ Customize the Roulette Wheel

Players can strategically alter the numbers, colors, and even freeze certain sections of the roulette wheel. This allows them to create a unique setup tailored to their preferred betting strategy, granting a high degree of player agency.

❤ Discover Synergistic Upgrades

As players progress, they can upgrade their betting tokens, balls, and other game mechanics. Combining these upgrades can lead to "adrenaline-pumping synergy," where players can earn massive scores by optimizing various effects and mechanics. Exploring these synergies is a key source of satisfaction.

❤ Experiment with Diverse Betting Options

The game offers over 50 different betting choices, enabling players to try various approaches and build unique deck strategies. This wide array of options adds depth and flexibility to the gameplay.

❤ Adapt to Randomized Runs

Each run is randomized, forcing players to continuously adapt their strategies. The need to "start fresh" and test their "skill and luck" is a core part of the game's appeal and replayability.

❤ Unlock New Content

Players can unlock additional betting options, balls, and items as they progress. This progression system contributes to the game's long-term enjoyment and encourages players to keep exploring new possibilities.

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