Bloody Heaven 2

by ShaneGame

The Developer Says...

Inspired By the well-known rogue-like game Hades, slash out of the God Field all the way down to the Demon Domain and defy The Overlord Thanatos in the Deep Frost Hell in this rogue-like dungeon crawler.

Players Like...

❤ Customizable Rune-Based Combat System

The game's core combat system revolves around assigning different runes to the four basic actions: light attack, heavy attack, skills, and dodge. This allows players to create personalized combat styles by prioritizing certain abilities and synergies among the rune slots. The depth of this rune-based system gives players a great deal of agency in how they approach battles.

❤ Diverse Weapon and Class Options

The diverse arsenal of over 12 weapon types, coupled with the option to choose from more than 3 playable classes, enables players to experiment with a wide range of playstyles. As they progress, they can collect gems from defeated enemies and use them to upgrade their weapons with new runes, continuously evolving their combat approach.

❤ Challenging Rogue-like Dungeon Crawling

Death is not the end in this rogue-like dungeon crawler. When players are defeated, they must start a new challenge, but can use the collected gems to unlock permanent upgrades. This satisfying loop of progression ensures that each run contributes to the player's overall strength and abilities, incentivizing them to overcome the game's challenging encounters.

❤ Diverse Enemies and Boss Battles

The game features 4 chapters, each filled with a variety of demonic enemies and formidable boss battles. Players must learn enemy patterns, dodge attacks, and strategically use their rune-enhanced abilities to overcome these challenges. Mastering the combat system and adapting one's playstyle is crucial to success, catering to fans of the rogue-like genre.

❤ Cohesive Visuals and Atmosphere

The game's dark fantasy aesthetic, with its detailed environments and character designs, immerses players in a grim and foreboding world. The top-down perspective and hack-and-slash combat complement the medieval and demonic themes, creating a cohesive and engaging visual experience.

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