Fear the Moon

by Jonny's Games

The Developer Says...

A story driven cryptid horror game featuring survival horror elements where you come face to face with a Midwest cryptid dubbed "the Wolfman". Play as Jane and fight to survive the full moon while uncovering dark secrets in the Wolfman's territory.

Players Like...

❤ Survival Horror Mechanics

The game features gripping survival horror elements, such as real threats, challenging puzzles, and thorough inventory management. Players must carefully navigate the environment and allocate their resources wisely to evade the menacing Wolfman that stalks the forest. Reviewers praised the game's ability to create a tense, immersive atmosphere, where the constant threat of the Wolfman forces players to remain alert and prepared.

❤ Engaging Puzzle Solving

The puzzles in the game seamlessly integrate into the environment, requiring players to explore their surroundings and pay close attention to details. Reviewers found these puzzles to be fun and rewarding, breaking up the intense survival horror gameplay without feeling out of place.

❤ Cinematic Presentation

One of the game's standout features is its cinematic presentation, which aims to provide a story-driven experience. Reviewers commended the game's strong focus on immersive visuals, dynamic camera angles, and atmospheric sound design, all of which work together to make the player feel like they are part of a thrilling horror movie.

❤ Movement and Evasion Mechanics

While primarily a first-person experience, the game demands that players carefully manage their movements and evade the Wolfman when encountered. Reviewers described the need to hide, run, and navigate the environment as crucial skills for surviving the night.

❤ Replayability and Multiple Endings

The game offers multiple endings and the potential for different approaches, providing a degree of replayability. Reviewers noted that the narrative choices and the ability to make different decisions can significantly impact the outcome, encouraging players to revisit the game to experience the various endings.

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