by Deep Root Interactive

The Developer Says...

A short horror game where you control a decaying spacecraft exploring distant star systems.

Players Like...

❤ Immersive Exploration

You take control of a decaying spacecraft as you explore different star systems, photographing planets and recording their radio signals. The core gameplay loop challenges you to navigate between these systems, carefully managing the spacecraft's limited power supply.

❤ Power Management Challenges

As the nuclear battery gradually decays, you must make strategic decisions about which systems to power, such as the thrusters, camera, radio, and life support. Many players find this power management mechanic to be an engaging challenge, adding tension and a sense of urgency to the exploration process.

❤ Subtle Horror Elements

The game also creates a pervasive sense of unease and dread through its subtle horror elements. The slow degradation of the spacecraft's systems, the ominous radio signals, and the mystery surrounding the missing science expedition all contribute to an unsettling, Lovecraftian atmosphere. Players often report feeling a growing tension as they progress, heightened by the limitations of the spacecraft's systems.

❤ Minimalist Presentation

The sparse, lo-fi aesthetic, featuring a retro-inspired low-poly art style and a user interface that gradually breaks down, helps to reinforce the game's themes of isolation, decay, and the vastness of space. Many players find the simplicity of the presentation to be a strength, allowing the atmosphere and narrative to take center stage.

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