by Cylinder Studios

The Developer Says...

Everything can be modded in this city sandbox with jobs, NPCs, apartments, garages, gangs, and more. Broke Protocol is an open-world action game with a strong focus on RP and custom content. You define your own goals and identity in a persistent and reactive world.

Players Like...

❤ Explore a Highly Detailed Voxel-Based World

Players can freely explore a vast, voxel-based city environment, seamlessly moving between interiors and exteriors, commandeering a diverse array of vehicles, and interacting with the game's numerous interactive elements. The world's level of detail and realism contributes to a strong sense of immersion.

❤ Define Your Own Roleplaying Identity

The game's emphasis on player agency allows individuals to define their own goals and identities, taking on a wide variety of roles, from law enforcement officers and emergency responders to criminal masterminds and underground drug kingpins. The fully scriptable and moddable nature of the game further expands the possibilities for unique roleplaying experiences.

❤ Engage in Emergent, Unpredictable Gameplay

The sandbox nature of the game encourages emergent gameplay, where players can spontaneously engage in car chases, heists, confrontations with law enforcement, and other unscripted interactions. The dynamic systems, such as the wanted system and the ability to commit crimes, create a sense of unpredictability and consequences for one's actions.

❤ Persistent World and Meaningful Progression

Players can own and customize apartments, garages, and even criminal enterprises, with their decisions and actions having lasting impacts on their character and the game world. This sense of progression and continuity encourages players to invest in their in-game personas and the broader persistent environment.

❤ Diverse Gameplay Mechanics

The game offers a robust job system, allowing players to take on various occupations, as well as a crafting and resource management system that requires managing survival needs like hunger and thirst. The comprehensive weapon and equipment system also facilitates varied combat encounters and tactical considerations.

❤ Player-Driven Content Creation

The game's emphasis on modding and custom content creation enables players to actively shape the game world and experience. The ability to create and share new maps, assets, scripts, and gameplay mechanics fosters a sense of community engagement and collaboration, further enhancing the game's replayability.

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