Smalland: Survive the Wilds

by Merge Games, Maximum Entertainment

The Developer Says...

Experience a big adventure on a tiny scale! Enjoy multiplayer survival in a vast, hazardous world. Preparation is key when you're this small & at the bottom of the food chain. Craft weapons & armour, tame & ride creatures, build encampments & explore a strange new land.

Players Like...

❤ Explore a Vast, Detailed Open World

Players can traverse a beautifully crafted open world, filled with dense forests, hazardous swamps, and ancient ruins. To navigate this oversized environment, players can unlock the ability to tame and ride a variety of creatures, such as grasshoppers, damselflies, and spiders. Additionally, players can construct catapults and glide using specialized armor, further expanding their traversal options across the different biomes.

❤ Construct Portable, Relocatable Bases

One of the game's unique features is the ability to build and upgrade portable base settlements among the giant trees. Players can scavenge resources to construct their camps and then relocate the entire encampment to new areas of the map as needed, rather than having to start over from scratch.

❤ Engage in Robust Crafting and Progression

The game's crafting system allows players to create a wide array of tools, weapons, and armor sets using the resources they gather. Progression is driven by unlocking new crafting recipes, often obtained by defeating challenging boss enemies or learning from hidden NPCs. As players progress, they can customize their character's abilities and appearance through the different crafted gear options.

❤ Tame and Ride Diverse Creatures

A key gameplay mechanic is the ability to tame and ride various creatures, such as ladybugs, grasshoppers, and dragonflies. Players can learn recipes to tame these animals and then use them as mounts or loyal companions, providing unique traversal options and combat assistance.

❤ Master Challenging Combat and Survival

The combat system emphasizes timing and positioning, requiring players to effectively dodge, block, and counterattack against the diverse insect enemies. Survival aspects, such as managing hunger, thirst, and environmental hazards, add additional layers of challenge and strategic planning. Players must carefully consider their equipment, resource management, and environmental awareness to overcome the dangers of the wilderness.

❤ Cooperate with Friends in Multiplayer

The game supports up to 10 players in cooperative multiplayer, allowing friends to explore, build, and survive together. The shared world and progression system enable collaborative problem-solving and strategic teamwork to overcome the challenges of the vast, hazardous world.

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