Drakkar Crew

by SiBear Games

The Developer Says...

Hey rookie, climb aboard! We're heading for adventure across the North Sea on our reliable Viking ship! Choose from one of the charismatic characters, hire some warriors and engage in bloody battles!

Players Like...

❤ Thrilling Beat 'Em Up Combat

Players take direct control of the main hero and issue commands to their crew members, who react intelligently to the situation on the battlefield. The combat features a dynamic, beat 'em up-style system with tactical elements, allowing players to employ various weapons and armor to gain advantages. Players can improve their hero's skills to unlock new abilities and access additional quests, further enhancing the combat experience.

❤ Robust Crew Management

One of the standout features is the ability to manage a diverse crew of warriors. Each crew member has their own specialization, such as soldiers and those who perform support functions on the ship, including cooking, treatment, and navigation. Players must carefully watch over their crew, as they can be wounded, develop bad habits, or catch diseases. Maintaining the morale and effectiveness of the crew is crucial for success in battle.

❤ Engaging RPG-like Progression

The game incorporates RPG elements that allow players to progress their characters and crew. Warriors gain experience and level up through successful battles, unlocking new skills and abilities. This progression system, combined with the opportunity to purchase different ships and equipment, provides a sense of growth and customization as players navigate the game's world.

❤ Vast Open-world Exploration

The large, open world based on Scandinavian and Slavic mythology encourages players to embark on a sense of adventure. Players can explore various settlements, encounter pirate and merchant ships on the seas, and discover treasures hidden in caves and ruins of ancient civilizations. This open-world element invites players to interact with the environment and engage in diverse activities, such as trading, recruiting, and plundering.

❤ Compelling Narrative and Premise

The game's premise of leading a crew of Viking adventurers across the North Sea has captured the interest of many players. The narrative and mythological elements woven throughout the experience provide a compelling setting for the player's journey, immersing them in the unique Viking-themed world.

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