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GHOSTWARE: Arena of the Dead

by Daev Team, Mothership Loudspeakerz

An unique blend of retro-fps, metroidvania and adventure. Escape the cyber afterlife you've been trapped into, hop between realities and shoot your way out with the help of your new allies. But are they really your friends? The Arena conspiracy goes deeper than you could possibly imagine...

Nordic Ashes: Survivors of Ragnarok

by Noxfall Studios

Nordic Ashes: Survivors of Ragnarok, is a challenging Norse inspired roguelite-survivor game, where you’ll have to survive hordes of creatures that come your way.


by Vilius Prakapas

An action-packed roguelite shooter where you battle famous works of art and each level you beat becomes a masterpiece to add to your colorful collection.


by Caleb Wood

A symbiotic Flower and Wasp struggle to complete their lifecycle, in a challengingly twisted arcade experience. Control both characters at once in mind-bending Single Player, or team up with a friend in hectic Local Co-Op. Master the symbiotic duet, devour the swarm, and ascend the leaderboard.

Ball-it Hell

by Jamesika

Dodge! Strike back! This is a fast-paced barrage arcade game. Move the character to dodge bullets. Pick the right time to strike bullets back and destroy enemies to get gold coins. Unlock more characters and powerful skills. Keep challenging yourself to get higher scores and rankings.

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Black Gunner Wukong

by Seal

Black Gunner Wukong is a TPS+ROGUE game where players will take on the role of Sun Wukong, using three heads, six arms, and six big guns to rampage through the US military base and rescue their master.

Go Mecha Ball

by Whale Peak Games, Super Rare Originals

Load up and roll out, in this twin stick shooter with roguelike progression! Blast your way through arcade-style levels, using pinball-style physics mixed with an arsenal of devastating weapons. Defeat waves of enemy bots, battle big bosses, and upgrade your mech between runs

Just Click The Button

by Simon Eftestol

In "Just Click The Button," you do indeed, click on a button. The more you click, the more the game evolves. Select new abilities that align with your playstyle. Decide whether to attempt to beat the game after reaching a certain threshold or play indefinitely!


by jounitus

Fight giant War of the Worlds -style aliens invading Finland during a Winter in the 90's. Build an army of local townspeople in this chaotic semi-autobattler roguelike. Navigate through different biomes to obliterate the aliens from cosmic dimensions.

Centipede Gun

by Mateusk2m

Centipede Gun is a roguelite autobattler where you create bizzare creatures to face hordes of enemies! Combine different guns, modules and skills to make unique synergies and upgrade your cute little destruction machine!

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