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by Davigo Studio

DAVIGO is a VR vs. PC physics-based battle game. Become the GIANT in VR or a small KNIGHT on PC and fight your friends in local or online matches. KNIGHTS play for free with DAVIGO KNIGHT'S PASS.


by Nex

Starri is a body-controlled rhythm game you can play with just a webcam, no VR required. Feel your heart pumping as you slash or catch the beat, dodge obstacles, and turn the wheel. Engage your body with music from Indie classics, Global Top Hits and Asian lineups.

Escape From Mandrillia: Local Asymmetric VR vs PC

by German Bandera

Local VR vs PC horror game: 1 VR player controls a lone robot trying to escape an underground lab; up to 2 PC players control giant alien monkeys. Customize your experience with gameplay modifiers, ranging from tense survival stealth to brutal nonstop action!


by Team Panoptes

Panoptic is a local multiplayer VR game that pits you against a friend, where you play as either the giant Overseer or tiny Challenger in a stealthy game of cat and mouse. Will the Challenger slip away undetected through the crowds, or will the Overseer track them down with their powerful laser eye?

Acron: Attack of the Squirrels!

by Resolution Games

WARNING: This is a highly addictive VR game and must be played with at least one other person who joins the game on a mobile device. The required mobile game for iOS and Android is free.

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Hub: Arena Shooter

Late For Work

by Salmi Games

Play as a giant gorilla in VR and face off against your puny human friends in the ultimate couch party game.

Carly and the Reaperman - Escape from the Underworld

by Odd Raven Studios

Join the adventure of Carly and the Reaperman in the Underworld! Master platforming to avoid dangers, solve puzzles and build your way to through dozens of fun and challenging obstacles to the finish line - play alone or with a friend!

Containment Initiative

by Gwyn Games

Containment Initiative is a local co-op VR shooter which can be played by two people on the same PC. Kill zombies alone in VR or have a friend cover you by using the mouse and keyboard. Features include realistic weapon reloading as well as a variety of unlockable guns, upgrades, and loot to find.

VR The Diner Duo

by Whirlybird Games

You are a chef in VR who need to satisfy your customers in a limited amount of time. Share the experience with a friend in local multiplayer mode. Chaotic levels are waiting for you!

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