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Tiny Terry's Turbo Trip

by snekflat, Super Rare Originals

Terry wants to launch himself into space using his new car. Doing something this cool and reckless will surely make him the talk of the town. Run, drive and glide through this small journey of big discoveries as Terry works towards achieving this goal.

Sophia the Traveler

by Memo Gogo, Thermite Games

Join our lovely heroine as she roams Venice, the City of Water. Like a Where's Wally Visual Novel: Search for objects & characters in stunning and vivid hand-painted cityscapes!

Coin Pusher Casino

by TreeNutsGames

Coin Pusher Casino brings the excitement of classic coin pusher machines to your computer! With its engaging gameplay and realistic physics, Coin Pusher Casino is a must-play for fans of arcade and coin pusher games!


by Holy Cap

Go on an adventure in a world packed with secrets helped by your friend, a poulp with many abilities. Explore, solve puzzles, wander across dungeons, blast through races and much more in this cute game inspired by the best 3D platformers

Kukoro: Stream chat games

by HeyNau

Kukoro: Stream chat games is the ultimate mini-game compilation to engage your Twitch community. With this games, your audience will be able to play with you in real time receiving the individual relevance they deserve, growing your channel day by day.

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Hub: Tactical

Raccoo Venture

by Diego Ras, QUByte Interactive

A collectathon 3D platform game where you explore the world to find all hidden collectibles, solving secrets, puzzles and find new outfits to customize our cute hero. Special abilities will blow your mind controlling chaos and order. Recover the pieces to defeat the terrible Tattooed Tatus.


by くそいサイト

Multiverse sushi eating 3D action game! An epic love story with a sushi theme! ...sushi! very delicious! Apologize because it's too delicious!

Bug & Seek

by So Peculiar

Catch 220+ real life bugs in this humorous, 8-bit cozy creature collector. You’ve bought the local bug zoo, abandoned after a mysterious robbery. Catch bugs that make jokes and puns, fill orders, build your collection, upgrade skills and equipment, and try to solve the Great Bug Heist.

Cavern of Dreams

by Bynine Studio, Super Rare Originals

Embark on a magical quest as Fynn the dragon to rescue your unhatched siblings from the mysterious Cavern of Dreams in this N64-style 3D platformer. Gain new abilities, meet unique characters, solve puzzles, and beware of the mysterious villain.

Corn Kidz 64

by BogoSoft

The unauthorized, kid-friendly version of the classic Stephen King thriller (or maybe not, maybe it's just a game about one-horned goatbabies)

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