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A Tower Full of Cats

by Devcats

A Tower Full of Cats is a hidden object game where you need to gather cats through the whole history of catkind... and beyond!

Athenian Rhapsody

by Nico Papalia, Top Hat Studios, Inc.

Forge your own story and explore the world of Athens in Athenian Rhapsody, a souls-like platonic dating simulator with cooking-mama and WarioWare style battle mechanics... and by that I mean it's a choose-your-own-adventure action RPG with the ability to trade ENTIRE PLAYTHROUGHS between friends!!


by Ryan Forrester

Croakoloco is a relaxing frog collecting idle game. Watch them jump, croak, and eat delicious flies. Grow frogs, feed frogs, or take control of one in β€œFroggy Mode” for a more active play style!

Let's Pet Pets

by Mathew Kelly

Let's Pet Pets lets you pet pets of all different types and sets. Pet Points buy helping hands and items. Quests give you heart points. Heart points buy eggs and upgrades. You can prestige to get heart points and reset your helping hands and items. Upgrades and Pets are permanent.

Time to Morp

by Team HalfBeard, Yogscast Games

Time to Morp is a colony sim game in which you take care of playful creatures - Morps. Use their help to gather resources, build and decorate a base, set up pipe networks, automate everything and explore the world to find new species and rare materials.

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LurkBait Twitch Fishing

by BLAMCAM Interactive

A Twitch powered interactive cozy fishing idle game. Add as an overlay for your stream and let your viewers fish with commands, points, bits or subs. Reel in the lurkers and boost viewer engagement passively with a fun interactive game that runs itself while you focus on your content.


by Pocketpair

Fight, farm, build and work alongside mysterious creatures called "Pals" in this completely new multiplayer, open world survival and crafting game!

Bug & Seek

by So Peculiar

Catch 220+ real life bugs in this humorous, 8-bit cozy creature collector. You’ve bought the local bug zoo, abandoned after a mysterious robbery. Catch bugs that make jokes and puns, fill orders, build your collection, upgrade skills and equipment, and try to solve the Great Bug Heist.

Anode Heart

by Stove Powered Games

A semi-open world, monster tamer RPG, set in a futuristic environment, with fast-paced combat and focus on exploration.

Fish Game

by A Shell in the Pit Games, Creative Ink Games

Fish Game is a detailed and highly β€œsofishticated” aquarium simulator, lovingly crafted *by* enthusiasts *for* enthusiasts! Featuring fish with personalities and dynamic relationships, water quality modeling, and so much more! Made with support from our friends at Smarter Every Day!

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