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The Utility Room

by Lionel Marsden

This VR Journey takes you to the 'behind the scenes' of the Universe. Beyond a door lies a barren landscape inhabited by strange rocky heads. Here, the maintenance and heavy lifting required keeps existence stable and temporal. You are a tourist. Don't do anything foolish.

14 Minesweeper Variants

by Alith Games, Artless Games


by jabuga

Eschaton is a short, experimental, surreal first-person exploration game. Explore the 'aftermath' of a cult ritual in the grounds of a manor in the remote and picturesque Scottish highlands.

SCP Strategy

by LUXO Interactive, LUK KUS SOFT

Take control of the SCP Foundation. For the general good, find, contain, and protect SCP objects. Develop your foundation and protect it from hostile organizations, in the last resort destroy them and capture SCP objects held there.

Mummy Sandbox

by Z. Bill

Mummy Sandbox is a first person digging simulator meets point & click adventure. Traverse forgotten sandboxes and dig up corpses to learn their secrets!

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Hub: Physics

Black Hole Simulator

by PanGuoJun

Cloud Gardens

by Noio

A chill game about using plants to overgrow abandoned wasteland dioramas


by Disillusion Dev

An odd tower filled with odd characters in lands you don't remember ever existed. almost like it's a dream? A first-person dungeon crawling RPG with an emphasis on interacting with the characters around you. Heavily inspired by other games such as LSD dream emulator, eastern mind lost souls, amongst others.


by Oskar StΓ₯lberg, Raw Fury


by JuliΓ‘n Palacios Gechtman, Fantastico Studio

CUCCCHI is a game where you explore beautiful dioramas and go through dangerous and trippy labyrinths, in a journey inside the paintings of Enzo Cucchi.

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