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Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising

by Cygames, Inc., Arc System Works

Rise to the challenge in Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising! This powered up, revamped sequel to GBVS is more enjoyable and accessible than ever before. With simplified input options, even newcomers can engage in thrilling and strategic matches!

Box To The Beat VR

by Khosouf Studio

Enjoy constant updates and free songs, custom gloves and cosmetics, multiple game modes, compete on leaderboards, and join worldwide world bosses! Proudly developed and self-published by our indie studio.

Balance 100

by Liujiajun

Now you need to control your hands to set those slightly skewed objects straight.It may drive you crazy once in a while.But don't worry.You'll probably be able to do it.

Quest Together

by Studio Stefferp

Take up your sword and shield and go on a quest with your friends!

Para Eyes

by Shawno Studios

Para Eyes is a spot the difference horror game. Flip through security cameras and find anomalies. But be careful not to go insane.

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Refund Me If You Can

by Sungame Studio

One maze, one monster tracking you down, will you have the courage and dexterity to escape this nightmare in less than two hours ?

The Use of Life

by γ γ‚‰γ­γ“γ’γƒΌγ‚€γš/Daraneko Games, PLAYISM

The Use of Life is a multi-ending adventure book style JRPG. The main character’s various attachments change in accordance with the choices the player makes, and the ending changes depending on β€œthe use of life” you choose through your journey.


by Jhoffis

Turn-based drag-racing game with an upgrading system that is way too deep. Choose between endless different ways to get your car to go really really fast – as long as you’re able to control it! Question is, who will break the sound-barrier first? You or the guy behind?

Phantom Project

by Astravelari LLC

Phantom Project is a psychological horror game that encourages you to put your deerstalker on and unravel the supernatural mysteries around you. This game is a prototype and is subject to major changes and improvements.

The Witch & The 66 Mushrooms

by Gotcha Gotcha Games, KADOKAWA

An all-new Metroidvania-style game developed using Pixel Game Maker MV! Make use of a variety of weapons as you traverse sprawling stages on a mission to take back your brother's body from the witch who stole it!

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