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Reus 2

by Abbey Games, Firesquid

Shape worlds with your godly titans. Make symbiotic ecosystems and inspire humanity with your creations. Their achievements unlock new possibilities. Make different planets for different human spirits, and fill the universe with life!

Gods Against Machines

by Silver Eye Studios

Your world is under attack by a ruthless race of machines, and you are its only hope. Cast epic spells, summon minions or buildings, and destroy the enemy before they conquer your home in this action roguelite strategy game!

The Universim

by Crytivo

Jump straight into managing your own planets as you guide a civilization through the ages. Build the ultimate empire in The Universim, a new breed of God Game in development by Crytivo.

Dominions 6 - Rise of the Pantokrator

by Illwinter Game Design

In Dominions 6 you take control of a powerful being that rules a nation and aspires to godhood. The type of Pretender Gods can vary from magically powerful arch mages to old dragons or an enormous tree. Dominions is a deep 4x turn based strategy game with a very large variety of spells and units.

MiniMap Kingdom

by YuruOwO

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Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2

by Brilliant Game Studios

Welcome to Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2, the most ridiculous and insane battle simulator in existence! Create eye watering battles with hundreds of thousands, even millions of characters on screen! Jump into multiple campaigns in game or player made, or play in sandbox mode and FPS invasion


by ChallAcc

Trapped in the past, your survival hinges on your ability to adapt and innovate. From foraging for food to mastering the art of technology, every decision you make shapes your destiny. Will you return to your own time, or make the past your new future in this mind-bending survival game?

Shadows of Forbidden Gods

by Bobby Two Hands, Forbidden Oak Games Limited

Take on the role of a Dark Elder God and lead your agents to bring about an apocalypse in a fantasy world. Work in the shadows, avoiding the heroes who will try to stop you, as you bring about plague and famine, ice age and volcanic destruction, madness and never ending night.

Story of Animal Sprite

by Alonds

Story of Animal Sprite is a casual merge game where you will restore the homeland for cute animals by building various fancy structures.

Ages of Conflict: World War Simulator

by JoySpark Games

Ages of Conflict is a versatile Map Simulation game where you spawn and observe custom or random AI nations battle it out across an infinite number of worlds. Command nations to nudge the world events into your liking.

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