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Cyber Manhunt 2: New World

by Aluba Studio, Spiral Up Games

Discover a digital realm shrouded in mystery in Cyber Manhunt 2: New World. Sequel to the award-winning narrative puzzle game. Play as an AI assistant in a major corporation. Deploy intricate social engineering tactics and expose hidden truths in a world of ambition and high-tech deception.

Anonymous Hacker Simulator

by Sicarius, G-DEVS.com, CreativeForge Games

Step into the shoes of a skilled Anonymous hacker and embark on a mission to unveil the truth hidden behind a sinister organization's plans to monitor civilian data and enforce mass surveillance.

Midnight Heist

by MediaTale

Go on heists through Midnight City alone or with up to three friends to fulfill tasks as a hacker for various organizations. Improve your reputation, earn money and uncover the secrets of shady companies in this co-op horror game.


by MAGES. Inc., Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd.


by VODKAdemo?, room6, yokaze

Change the minds of evildoers…for good! MINDHACK is a text adventure game where you meet unique evildoers, hack their minds, and rewrite them into happy people!

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DROP - System Breach

by Etherfield Studio, MicroProse Software

Welcome to DROP, a fast-paced action-strategy hacking simulator. Ready to hack your way to fame and fortune while avoiding getting caught? Use stealth and cunning to maneuver between the ongoing power struggle of corporations and factions to control the fragmented networks in the city.


by Nocturne Studio

A paranoid cybercriminal tries to regain control over an underground marketplace stolen by his former coworkers. You must utilize your hacking and intelligence gathering skills to get rid of hitmen sent by your enemies in a race with worsening mental state and terrifying hallucinations.


by BlackRobe, IndieArk

In order to improve the efficiency of selecting talents, the Chicheng police specially developed a test system-the true detection system, with the black robe company. As a tester, you need to complete the cracking of the case under the rules of the system.

Deadeye Deepfake Simulacrum

by nodayshalleraseyou

Embody the ultimate cybernetic corporate agent. Master deadly gunplay, time manipulation, and supernatural abilities. Hack computers, people, even the individual bullets flying at you. Confront the future, and die trying.

Midnight Protocol

by LuGus Studios, Iceberg Interactive

Midnight Protocol is a tactical narrative-driven RPG with unique keyboard-only controls. Hack into servers, beat security systems and discover encrypted secrets while you try to find answers to why and how you got doxxed.

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