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Diorama Builder

Posted Thursday, June 27- Released Jun 2024

The Dev Says: The pleasure of assembling, admiring, and interacting with your own Dioramas collection, without ever losing a piece.


 $3.99 $4.99 (20% off)

❀ Gameplay

  • Players build dioramas by placing pieces one at a time, creating a sense of progress and accomplishment.
  • Completed dioramas feature interactive elements that animate when clicked, extending engagement beyond the building process.
  • The game allows players to selectively hide or reveal placed pieces, assisting with piece placement and providing an unobstructed view of the diorama.

❀ Content

  • The game includes six distinct dioramas, each with its own theme, ranging from modern cityscapes to historical settings.
  • Every diorama features a carefully curated soundtrack that complements its specific theme.
  • Dioramas comprise numerous intricate pieces that collectively form a narrative when assembled.

❀ Technical

  • The game maintains stable performance, free from technical issues that could disrupt gameplay.
  • It offers compatibility with the Tilt Five augmented reality system, enabling an enhanced, immersive building experience.

❀ Value

  • Players express satisfaction with the amount and quality of content provided at the game's price point.
  • The game's community actively seeks additional dioramas, demonstrating a willingness to purchase future DLC.

❀ Community

  • The game encourages players to explore the hobby of constructing physical dioramas and model kits.
  • It evokes nostalgic memories of childhood activities like building LEGO sets and solving puzzles with loved ones.

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We Are OFK

Posted Friday, May 24- Released Aug 2022

The Dev Says: Pop. Love. Panic! Start a band in this dreamy, musical journey from indiepop cuties OFK. Cry, skate, date, and run for your life in 5 interactive music videos, across a heartfelt story of what you risk to chase your dreams.


 $9.99 $19.99 (50% off)

❀ Story and Characters

  • The game features authentic, relatable characters who face genuine struggles, making them feel like real people.
  • The story explores the challenges of pursuing dreams in the competitive LA music scene, leading to meaningful character development.
  • We Are OFK normalizes its diverse cast of LGBTQ+ characters, representing their identities as an integral part of their lives.

❀ Music

  • OFK, the fictional band, performs original, catchy songs that play a central role in the story.
  • Each episode concludes with an interactive music video segment, inviting players to engage with the band's performances.
  • The background music effectively sets the mood for each scene, enhancing the emotional impact of the story.

❀ Themes

  • The game provides an insightful look at the personal and professional challenges artists face while chasing their dreams.
  • It offers a nuanced portrayal of relationships, breakups, and the struggles of balancing career aspirations with personal life.
  • We Are OFK encourages players to reflect on the risks and sacrifices associated with pursuing one's passions.

❀ Voice Acting and Writing

  • The game features a talented voice cast that brings authenticity to the characters and their interactions.
  • The writing avoids overused tropes, instead delivering witty, genuine dialogue that reveals characters' innermost thoughts.
  • We Are OFK's natural exposition and character chemistry make the story engaging and believable.

❀ Format and Interactivity

  • The game combines elements of an interactive animated series with those of a visual novel, creating a unique storytelling experience.
  • The texting system allows players to shape conversations through their responses, which can impact future dialogue.
  • We Are OFK offers a chill, movie-like experience that players can enjoy at their own pace, making it a great choice for relaxation.

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Security Booth: Director's Cut

Posted Friday, May 24- Released Aug 2022

The Dev Says: The year is 1996 and you’re employed by a science lab called Nova Nexus. You work as a security guard at the front gate to the lab, inside a guard booth. However, tonight it seems something important is happening inside of Nova Nexus and things are... well... a little strange.


 $2.99 $4.99 (40% off)

❀ Story and Atmosphere

  • Players step into the shoes of a security guard working the night shift at the mysterious Nova Nexus lab facility
  • The game tells a cryptic story through notes, multiple endings, and optional content, leaving much open to interpretation
  • Unsettling events and an eerie atmosphere build tension throughout the night, creating a sense of unease without relying on jump scares

❀ Gameplay

  • Players must check the license plates of arriving vehicles against an employee roster, deciding who to let in or turn away
  • The game encourages experimentation by allowing players to freely choose which cars to admit and which to reject, with each choice impacting the narrative
  • Unlockable bonus tapes featuring different locations and characters provide glimpses into the broader Nova Nexus universe

❀ Replayability

  • With seven different endings to uncover, players are motivated to replay the game multiple times to piece together the full story
  • Each playthrough offers something new as players discover hidden messages and collectibles scattered throughout the environment, adding depth to the narrative

❀ Value

  • Priced at just $5, Security Booth: Director's Cut offers a surprising amount of content and replayability for an indie title
  • The game respects players' time by allowing them to experience the story at their own pace, with a single playthrough lasting around 15-20 minutes

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Pocket City

Posted Friday, May 24- Released Aug 2022

The Dev Says: A casual city building game. Become the mayor and create your own metropolis! Create residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Build parks and recreation spots. Respond to crime and disasters. Watch your city come alive!


 $0.99 $3.99 (75% off)

❀ Gameplay

  • Players appreciate the game's simplicity, allowing them to jump in and start building their city without a steep learning curve. The game strikes a balance between being engaging and not overwhelming, making it accessible to both casual and experienced players.
  • The game offers a sense of progression through quests, leveling up, and unlocking new buildings. As players complete objectives and gain experience, they access new tools and structures to enhance their city, keeping them motivated to continue playing.
  • Players enjoy the ability to create multiple cities within a region, each with unique bonuses based on their location. These cities share income, allowing players to develop diverse communities that support each other economically.

❀ Features

  • The game includes natural disasters that players must respond to, such as tornadoes and fires. These events add an element of challenge and require players to think strategically about city layout and emergency services to minimize damage and recover quickly.
  • Players appreciate the absence of microtransactions and wait times, allowing them to fully enjoy the game without feeling pressured to spend money or wait for arbitrary timers. This makes the game feel complete and respectful of the player's time and investment.
  • The game's mod support allows players to customize and enhance their gameplay experience. With the ability to add new content and modify existing features, players can tailor the game to their preferences and extend its replayability.

❀ Simulation

  • Players enjoy watching their cities come alive with citizens going about their daily lives, vehicles navigating the roads, and various animations that make the city feel dynamic and vibrant. These details create a sense of immersion and attachment to the player's creation.
  • The game includes various factors that players must manage to maintain their city's well-being, such as crime rates, traffic congestion, and pollution levels. These elements affect the city's happiness and economy, requiring players to make decisions and prioritize resources to keep their city running smoothly.

❀ Accessibility

  • Players find the game to be an affordable option, offering a substantial amount of content and playtime for its price. This makes the game accessible to a wider audience and provides a good value for money.
  • The game's tutorial effectively teaches players the basics without being overwhelming, allowing them to learn the mechanics and start building their city quickly. The game's simple controls and intuitive interface make it easy for players to navigate and execute their plans.

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Posted Friday, May 24- Released Aug 2022

The Dev Says: Relax, clear your mind and fill it)


 $0.99 $1.99 (50% off)

❀ Gameplay

  • Griddy's puzzle mechanics build upon the familiar rules of Sudoku, but add fresh twists. Players must carefully consider the order in which they make moves, as filling in tiles incorrectly can lead to dead ends. This blend of recognizable and novel elements creates a satisfying cognitive challenge.
  • The difficulty curve is well-balanced, with early levels serving as a gentle introduction while later stages demand more advanced planning and problem-solving skills. This gradual progression keeps players engaged as they develop their abilities.
  • With 100 levels total, Griddy provides a substantial amount of content. Most players reported spending several hours to complete the game, indicating a robust puzzle experience.

❀ Design and Polish

  • Completing each level triggers a rewarding sound effect, providing a satisfying sense of accomplishment. This audio feedback enhances the game's polished feel.
  • Player actions, such as filling in tiles, feel responsive and snappy. This smooth interaction contributes to an overall high level of polish throughout the game.

❀ Accessibility

  • Griddy's mechanics are easy to grasp, even for players new to puzzle games. This accessibility allows a broad audience to enjoy the game without feeling overwhelmed by complex rules.
  • The game's low price point (around $1) and relatively short play sessions make it an attractive choice for budget-conscious players or those with limited gaming time.

❀ Replayability

  • Some players found enjoyment in revisiting levels after stepping away from the game for a period of time. This gap allowed them to re-experience the challenge of solving puzzles they had forgotten, extending the game's lifespan.
  • Earning achievements for each completed level adds an extra layer of motivation and satisfaction. These milestones encourage players to progress through the game and provide a sense of accomplishment.

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Lighthouse Keeper

Posted Friday, May 24- Released Aug 2022

The Dev Says: You are tasked with taking care of the old Lighthouse in a small island. Repair its broken parts, hunt for food to get by, gather materials to craft stuff to help you along your journey through 11 islands.


 $2.39 $11.99 (80% off)

❀ Gameplay Loop

  • The game offers a mix of resource gathering, crafting, and tool upgrading that keeps players engaged.
  • Unlocking nearby islands grants access to new resources and tools, providing a sense of progression.
  • Players can optimize time management between various game mechanics, adding depth to the gameplay.

❀ Puzzle Mechanics

  • The daily lighthouse repair puzzles challenge players to solve problems and keep the lighthouse functional.
  • Puzzles can be enjoyed in short play sessions, making the game accessible for players with limited time.
  • The puzzles provide a brain-teasing experience without being overly demanding or stressful.

❀ Exploration

  • Players can visit different islands, each with its own secrets and resources to discover.
  • Distant islands offer opportunities for finding treasures and engaging in trade.
  • The game encourages players to explore at their own pace, without pressure or time constraints.

❀ Atmosphere and Side Activities

  • The game's pace and atmosphere allow players to unwind and relax while playing.
  • Players can engage in various side activities, such as fishing, sailing, farming, and cooking, adding variety to the gameplay.
  • The simple alchemy system enables players to create buff potions, enhancing the crafting experience.

❀ Quests and Progression

  • Daily visitor quests provide players with side objectives that offer rewards upon completion.
  • Quests are optional and can be completed without strict time limits, allowing players to enjoy them at their own pace.
  • Upgrading tools and becoming more efficient in managing resources offers a rewarding sense of progression.

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Justin Wack and the Big Time Hack

Posted Friday, May 24- Released Aug 2022

The Dev Says: A cozy 2D Point & Click adventure featuring multiple playable characters and plenty of silliness. Oh, and there's time travel and relationship stuff going down too. And robots – lots of robots...


 $9.99 $19.99 (50% off)

❀ Puzzles

  • Puzzles strike a balance between challenging the player without becoming frustrating, leading to satisfying "aha!" moments when solved.
  • Game avoids relying on "moon logic," instead crafting puzzles that make sense within the game's world and story.

❀ Story and Writing

  • Witty, humorous writing fills the game's dialogue, poking fun at adventure game tropes and including references that genre fans will appreciate.
  • Time travel mechanic is core to both the narrative and puzzles, keeping players engaged by having them affect the past to change the present.
  • Conversations with charming, quirky characters are a joy to click through, making players eager to exhaust all dialogue options.

❀ Gameplay

  • Playing as multiple characters in past and present time periods puts a fresh spin on the classic point-and-click structure.
  • Puzzle solutions often involve sending inventory items between characters across different time periods, an inventive mechanic that fits the game's theme.
  • Built-in hint system offers gentle nudges in the right direction when needed, avoiding frustration without completely spoiling puzzle solutions.

❀ Audio

  • Fully voiced dialogue features stellar performances that bring the game's quirky cast to life.

❀ Other

  • Longer than many modern adventure games, with most players taking over 10 hours to see the story through to the end.
  • Autosave system combined with multiple save slots makes it easy to take breaks and return later without losing progress.

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Force Reboot

Posted Friday, May 24- Released Aug 2022

The Dev Says: Force Reboot is a fast-paced FPS with rogue-lite elements. Force Reboot is entirely focused on nonstop gameplay. You need to get past all of the rooms as fast as you can.


 $1.79 $2.99 (40% off)

❀ Gameplay

  • The constantly draining health mechanic forces players to aggressively seek out and destroy enemies to survive, creating a heart-pounding, high-pressure experience
  • The movement mechanics, including sliding, dashing, and ground slamming, give players the tools to quickly navigate levels and get the drop on enemies, enabling high-skill play
  • The stackable buff/debuff system presented at the end of each floor forces interesting decisions, as players must weigh the benefits of a buff against the drawbacks of its linked debuff, ensuring every run feels distinct

❀ Weapons and Enemies

  • The shotgun packs a mighty punch, enabling players to one-shot weaker enemies if they're able to get close, but its wide spread makes it less effective at range
  • Certain enemies, like the flying drones that strafe and fire projectiles, pressure players to prioritize targets and make snap decisions to avoid taking heavy damage

❀ Roguelite Elements

  • Procedural generation keeps the experience fresh by remixing level layouts, enemy placements, and upgrade choices
  • The threat of permanent death adds real consequences to every encounter, encouraging players to learn enemy patterns and make strategic use of their resources

❀ Development and Community

  • The developer regularly pushes out updates based on community feedback, demonstrating a commitment to shaping the game around the player experience
  • The small but passionate community actively discusses strategies and helps newcomers improve their play

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Takoyaki Party Survival

Posted Friday, May 24- Released Aug 2022

The Dev Says: You should consume a good balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats to survive. The nutritional balance changes depending on the ingredients you put in your takoyaki. If you are overloaded with calories, you will be too full to eat, so please consume calories by squatting.


 $2.39 $2.99 (20% off)

❀ Gameplay Mechanics

  • Players strategically choose ingredients for their takoyaki to balance their character's protein, carbohydrate, and fat levels, adding a layer of resource management to the game.
  • The game incorporates a unique calorie-burning mechanic, requiring players to perform squats to consume more takoyaki without becoming too full, integrating physical activity into the gameplay.

❀ Multiplayer Experience

  • The online multiplayer mode supports both cooperative and competitive play, allowing players to cook takoyaki for each other or steal takoyaki from their opponents, creating a dynamic and engaging multiplayer experience.
  • The game's Friend Match feature enables players to easily connect and play with specific friends using a single keyword, facilitating a seamless multiplayer experience.

❀ Progression and Unlockables

  • As players survive longer in the game, they unlock new ingredients, providing a sense of progression and encouraging experimentation with different takoyaki combinations.
  • The meta-progression system allows players to earn points and upgrade their skills, enabling them to last longer in subsequent playthroughs and adding a rogue-lite element to the game.

❀ Game Feel and Atmosphere

  • The game's design and mechanics evoke the feeling of participating in a Japanese game show, immersing players in a unique and entertaining setting.
  • The game creates a sense of intensity and panic as players attempt to manage their resources and survive the takoyaki party, keeping them engaged and on their toes throughout the gameplay.

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Monster Girls and the Mysterious Adventure 2

Posted Friday, May 24- Released Aug 2022

The Dev Says: This is a "Mysterious Dungeon" style roguelike game where the terrain changes with each challenge. Make the monsters your "Friends" and go on a new adventure!


 $17.49 $24.99 (30% off)

❀ Gameplay

  • The game features a turn-based combat system that progresses rapidly, with several rounds occurring per second outside of fights. This keeps the pace brisk and engaging.
  • Each dungeon introduces new challenges and mechanics, such as floors with only unidentified items, floors that prohibit bringing in equipment, and floors with unique traps and hazards. Players must adapt their strategies to overcome these obstacles.
  • Players can customize their equipment with special 'marks' that provide unique effects. This system allows players to create powerful gear combinations and develop their own playstyles.

❀ Monster Friends System

  • Instead of capturing monsters, players befriend them by fulfilling specific requirements unique to each monster. This encourages players to interact with monsters in different ways and adds depth to the recruitment process.
  • Players can bring up to 3 monster friends on adventures and keep 6 in reserve, allowing for strategic switching during dungeons. Each monster has its own AI and abilities, enabling players to create synergistic parties.
  • The 'Sensei system' allows players to have their monster friends learn skills from specific monsters encountered in dungeons. This lets players enhance their favorite monsters and compensate for any weaknesses they may have.

❀ Mechanics and Progression

  • The game provides comprehensive tutorials that explain the various mechanics, making it accessible to new players. A 'Casual Mode' is available for those who find the game too challenging.
  • The monster encyclopedia lists detailed information about each monster, including their recruitment conditions. This eliminates guesswork and helps players plan their recruitment strategies.
  • As players progress through the story, they unlock new features and mechanics that expand the gameplay possibilities and keep the experience fresh.

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Island Cities - Jigsaw Puzzle

Posted Friday, May 24- Released Aug 2022

The Dev Says: Arrange the town islands and see them come to life. Just swap the blocks of a 3D jigsaw puzzle.


 $1.99 on Steam

❀ Gameplay

  • Swapping blocks to recreate the original island layout has players carefully observe details and use their memory to figure out the correct positions.
  • Completing sections of an island makes those areas come alive with animated people, vehicles and buildings, providing a rewarding sense of progress.
  • The built-in 'Hint' feature ensures players never get completely stuck, while optional sparkle effects help indicate correct piece placement.

❀ Design

  • The game's 22 levels grow progressively more complex, with larger islands and more elaborate block arrangements to recreate.
  • There are no strict time limits or maximum move counts, allowing players to tackle the puzzles at their own pace.
  • Unlike some puzzle games, pieces don't need to be rotated, only moved, simplifying the core gameplay.

❀ Accessibility

  • The entire game can be played one-handed with just a mouse, making it accessible to players with certain physical limitations.
  • An always-available preview of the assembled island helps players visualize the goal as they work.

❀ Value

  • Priced at just a couple dollars, the game offers 3-5 hours of content, a good value for a simple puzzle game.
  • Earning all achievements in one playthrough gives achievement hunters a good bang for their buck.

❀ Experience

  • Many players reported the game gave them a calming sense of focus that provided relief from anxiety and stress.
  • The self-driven, untimed gameplay creates a peaceful, meditative experience for players looking to unwind.

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a pet shop after dark

Posted Friday, May 24- Released Aug 2022

The Dev Says: PETSITTER WANTED. A horror point-and-click adventure game. Water the plants, feed the pets, and DON'T turn off the lights.


 $7.99 $9.99 (20% off)

❀ Puzzles and Mechanics

  • Puzzles require players to manipulate files on their computer, such as cutting and pasting files into different subfolders, adding an extra layer of immersion and challenge.
  • The game provides well-crafted hints that nudge players in the right direction without giving away the entire solution, allowing them to experience satisfying "Aha!" moments upon solving puzzles independently.
  • The game breaks the fourth wall by incorporating the player's actions outside the game client, like deleting files or changing the computer's date and time, making the puzzle-solving experience feel more interactive and personal.

❀ Story and Atmosphere

  • As players progress through the game, they slowly uncover plot twists and secrets, keeping them engaged and motivated to discover the truth behind the mysterious pet shop.
  • The game maintains an unnerving atmosphere throughout, with the creepy ambiance contrasting the minimalist art style, creating a sense of unease that complements the puzzle-solving experience.
  • The storytelling directly involves the player, with the game acknowledging and responding to their actions, making them feel more connected to the narrative and its characters.

❀ Gameplay Experience

  • The unconventional gameplay mechanics, such as file manipulation and fourth wall breaks, set the game apart from other puzzle adventures, offering players a fresh and memorable experience.
  • The trial and error approach to puzzle-solving encourages experimentation and thinking outside the box, leading to a more engaging and rewarding gameplay experience.
  • Despite its relatively short length (1-4 hours), the game leaves a lasting impression on players due to its unusual mechanics, clever puzzles, and immersive storytelling.

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Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure

Posted Thursday, May 23- Released Aug 2022

The Dev Says: Dive back into your NIS roots and experience a game that laid the foundation for the beloved Disgaea series with Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure. Sharper graphics and updated image optimization bring this classic title into the present!


 $12.99 $19.99 (35% off)

❀ Characters and Story

  • The story tackles unexpectedly deep themes like the nature of love, loss, and morality that contrast with the cute, lighthearted presentation. This juxtaposition surprises players and adds weight to the narrative.
  • Humorous, witty dialogue and heartfelt emotional moments make players genuinely laugh out loud and cry, creating a strong attachment to the characters and their journeys.
  • Player choices throughout the story affect how NPCs view and interact with the protagonist Cornet, making players feel their decisions have consequence and increasing investment in the story.

❀ Gameplay

  • The simple-to-learn tactical grid-based battle system features appreciated flexibility through the ability to change party composition by recruiting monsters.
  • Unique mechanics like Cornet's horn to strengthen puppets and grant them special abilities depending on their relationship level add customization and an additional layer to combat.
  • The elemental affinity system where each character's element determines their spell list allows for discovering enemy weaknesses and strategically exploiting them with certain party compositions.

❀ Music and Audio

  • The game features multiple original vocal songs and musical numbers with both English and Japanese versions that players enjoy listening to even outside the game.
  • Music is heavily integrated into the story and used to heighten the emotional impact of key scenes and character moments.
  • Vocal songs serve as a novel way to convey character thoughts and feelings and make the game stand out as a true "musical RPG" experience.

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Curse Crackers: For Whom the Belle Toils

Posted Thursday, May 23- Released Aug 2022

The Dev Says: Curse Crackers is a fast-paced acrobatic platformer where you bounce, vault, and fight your way through a whimsical world with the help of your loyal companion. Eat snacks, collect items, and travel the world to stop Bonnie and her band of troublemakers!


 $7.49 $14.99 (50% off)

❀ Gameplay

  • Chime, the bell-shaped companion, can be thrown at enemies, bounced off of to reach high platforms, and transformed to access new areas, adding depth to the core platforming
  • Advanced techniques like slide jumps, charged jumps, and Chime bounces have specific use cases that speedrunners can exploit, but are never required for casual play
  • Completionists can collect three medals per level by finding treasures, beating target times, and hitting the goal in unique ways, in addition to other well-hidden secrets

❀ Story and Characters

  • NPCs reference past events and relationships in dialogue, like Belle's childhood friendship with the villain Bonnie, making the world feel like it exists beyond the player's actions
  • Books, notes, and environmental details flesh out an extensive backstory that connects the game's events to a deeper lore, but is largely optional and doesn't interrupt the platforming
  • Helping characters with their own subplots, like a farmer whose chickens have gone missing or a scientist researching artifacts, provides a change of pace and ties into the game's themes of community and mystery

❀ Level Design

  • While early levels are linear and introduce core mechanics, later stages feature branching paths, hidden sub-areas, and optional challenges that reward exploration and mastery
  • From carnival tents that launch the player to overgrown ruins with crumbling platforms, each world has a unique visual and mechanical identity grounded in the game's setting
  • Darker "B-Side" versions of certain levels remix layouts, add new obstacles, and demand more precise platforming to reach collectibles and secrets

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Gerda: A Flame in Winter

Posted Thursday, May 23- Released Sep 2022

The Dev Says: You have five days to save your husband, who has just been arrested by the Gestapo. Investigate, explore and form allegiances in this story-rich RPG-lite. Who will you trust?


 $7.99 $19.99 (60% off)

❀ Story and Narrative

  • Explores complex moral dilemmas: Gerda faces tough choices with no clear right answers, forcing players to grapple with their values. For example, should she prioritize her husband's safety or aid the Resistance?
  • Educates players about history: The game weaves well-researched historical details about the German occupation of Denmark in 1945 into Gerda's personal story, shedding light on a lesser-known part of WWII.
  • Shows the human side of war: Gerda humanizes characters on all sides of the conflict, delving into their motivations, fears, and flaws. From the German soldier questioning his loyalties to the Resistance fighter wrestling with the costs of their actions, the game portrays a nuanced view of wartime morality.

❀ Choices and Consequences

  • Player decisions shape the story: Gerda features a branching narrative where choices have a significant impact. Deciding which locations to visit or which characters to help will close off certain paths while opening up others, leading to multiple distinct endings.
  • Relationship system impacts gameplay: How Gerda interacts with different characters and factions affects her standing with them. Gaining someone's trust or arousing their suspicion can alter dialogue options and quest outcomes available to the player later on.

❀ Gameplay Mechanics

  • Mental Energy system: Gerda's personality traits, like compassion and insight, function as a resource that can be spent to unlock unique actions in dialogue or key moments. This pushes players to role-play Gerda and makes her character development an integral part of gameplay.
  • Chance-based skill checks: Important player actions are gated by dice rolls, adding unpredictability and reflecting the uncertainties Gerda faces. This reinforces the themes of the story while creating meaningful challenges.

❀ Overall Execution

  • Treats weighty themes with respect: Gerda approaches its serious subject matter with maturity and nuance, avoiding clichΓ©s or easy moralizing. By respecting the complexities of its characters and historical setting, the game earns its emotional impact.
  • Excels at environmental storytelling: The game brings its small Danish town setting to life through vivid details, from overheard conversations between locals to notes and artifacts that flesh out the world. This strong sense of place grounds Gerda's story in a tangible reality.

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Posted Thursday, May 23- Released Sep 2022

The Dev Says: Laugh in the face of death in this hauntingly humorous comedy adventure about a wayward soul trying to make it back to the land of the living. Engage in bullet-hell lite battles, solve puzzles, and communicate with the dead as you navigate this β€œcolorful” world. Death is just the beginning.


 $2.99 $14.99 (80% off)

❀ Gameplay

  • Constantly introduces new mechanics like puzzles, moving platforms, traps, and minigames alongside the core bullet-hell combat
  • Includes optional challenges to find collectibles and rescue captured characters scattered throughout the world
  • Provides configurable accessibility settings that allow players to adjust elements like game speed and damage taken

❀ Humor

  • Packs each conversation with rapid-fire jokes that break the fourth wall and satirize video game clichΓ©s
  • Populates the world with over 100 ridiculous NPCs who are elevated by clever and quirky writing
  • Maintains a lighthearted comedic tone throughout, with enemies taunting the player after deaths

❀ Story & Characters

  • Tells a straightforward but unexpectedly poignant story that builds to an emotional finale
  • Motivates the player by tasking them with helping ghost citizens resolve their unfinished business
  • Develops a cast of charming and humorous characters that are fun to engage with and learn more about

❀ Pacing & Polish

  • Regularly presents the player with new gameplay challenges, locations, and characters to keep the experience engaging
  • Balances low-pressure exploration and story moments with tenser combat sequences and bullet-hell boss battles
  • Incorporates helpful features like fast-forward for dialog and a hint system to enhance pacing and minimize frustration

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100 hidden turtles

Posted Thursday, May 23- Released Sep 2022

The Dev Says: Hidden object game in the undersea world setting. At first black and white hand-drawn graphics in a cartoon style. Then the game becomes colored. Animated fish and algae.


 $0.89 $2.99 (70% off)

❀ Gameplay

  • Players found satisfaction in discovering turtles that seamlessly camouflaged into the detailed underwater background.
  • Clicking on certain objects transported players to bonus areas, providing additional opportunities for exploration and turtle-finding.
  • A few particularly elusive turtles kept players engaged until the very end, with some reporting spending extra time to locate the final hidden creatures.

❀ Puzzle Elements

  • The game introduced simple puzzles that players had to solve before accessing certain turtles, adding a layer of complexity to the standard hidden object gameplay.

❀ Audio and Atmosphere

  • Players reported that the soundtrack significantly enhanced their experience, describing it as soothing and enjoyable throughout their playtime.

❀ Developer's Iterative Improvements

  • Players who had followed the "100 Hidden" series noted that this entry demonstrated the developer's commitment to refining the formula with each new release, with many commenting that this was the most polished and entertaining installment yet.

❀ Achievement System

  • The achievement system directly tied to the core gameplay, rewarding players with a new achievement for each turtle found, creating a satisfying sense of progress.
  • Some players enjoyed revisiting the game to collect all the achievements again, extending the game's replay value.

❀ Reception and Audience

  • Numerous players declared this entry their favorite in the "100 Hidden" series, citing its improvements and overall quality compared to previous titles.
  • The game's simple mechanics, combined with its relaxing atmosphere and accessibility, made it appealing to a wide audience, including both children and adults seeking a casual, stress-free experience.

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Chambers of Devious Design

Posted Thursday, May 23- Released Sep 2022

The Dev Says: Chambers of Devious Design is a tactical "battle puzzle" game, where you are tasked with designing an evil lair for an evil mastermind. But watch out! You are not the only one looking to gain favor with the boss. Come up with creative designs and sabotage your competitors!


 $11.99 on Steam

❀ Gameplay Mechanics

  • Players can gain an advantage by finding optimal room placements. For example, placing a room full of dynamite next to an opponent's control room will cause significant damage.
  • Rooms have unique effects that can be combined to create powerful synergies. A missile room placed next to a fire room will apply a burning effect to the missiles, increasing their damage.
  • Players can directly attack opponents using sabotage rooms like cannons. This interaction between players adds a layer of offensive strategy beyond just building an efficient base.

❀ Variety and Replayability

  • The campaign features 48 missions, each with its own special rules and objectives. One mission might focus on earning the most points, while another challenges players to be the last one standing. This variety keeps the game feeling fresh.
  • Players can create custom games and share them with friends through Steam's Remote Play Together feature. This allows players to set up matches tailored to their preferred playstyle and objectives, even with friends who don't own the game.

❀ Accessibility and Developer Engagement

  • The core concept of placing rooms and matching doors is simple to understand, but the game's depth becomes apparent over time as players discover synergies and strategies. This makes the game approachable for new players while still offering a satisfying challenge for experienced ones.
  • The developer actively engages with the community, responding to feedback and implementing requested features like a 90-degree room rotation option and a restart battle button. This shows a commitment to improving the player experience post-launch.

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Posted Thursday, May 23- Released Sep 2022

The Dev Says: DREAM LOGIC is a story driven first-person atmospheric horror game which takes place in liminal spaces. Explore various nostalgic, dreamlike, uncanny environments. But don't feel too safe, there's a sneaky creature watching your every move.


 $2.49 $4.99 (50% off)

❀ Atmosphere & Audio

  • The soundtrack dynamically adapts to the player's progress, with ambient and minimalist tracks that complement each level's theme.
  • The sound design incorporates effects that contribute to the dreamlike atmosphere, such as distant, echoing noises and subtle environmental sounds.

❀ Gameplay & Level Design

  • The game emphasizes exploration over constant threat, encouraging players to investigate and appreciate the environments without always feeling rushed.
  • The pool hallway level features an expansive, interconnected layout that rewards thorough exploration and immerses players in its unique setting.
  • The custom entity mode extends replayability by allowing players to personalize their experience with imported images and sounds, tailoring the game's horror elements to their preferences.

❀ Story & Lore

  • Players can discover letters scattered throughout the levels that gradually reveal more about the game's narrative and the protagonist's circumstances.
  • The ending provides a satisfying conclusion that recontextualizes the player's journey and ties together the game's themes and mysteries.

❀ Performance & Polish

  • The game maintains a consistent, smooth frame rate and responsive controls across a variety of hardware configurations, ensuring a frustration-free experience.
  • The attention to detail in the game's design, from the carefully crafted levels to the polished user interface, demonstrates the developers' commitment to delivering a high-quality product.

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The Zachtronics Solitaire Collection

Posted Thursday, May 23- Released Sep 2022

The Dev Says: The Zachtronics Solitaire Collection is here! Inside you will find all seven Zachtronics solitaire games, updated with new 4K graphics, plus one brand new Tarot-themed solitaire variant only available here.


 $4.99 $9.99 (50% off)

❀ Game Variety and Design

  • The collection includes 8 solitaire variants, each with a distinct ruleset that builds off of traditional solitaire formulas in novel ways
  • Some variants use non-standard decks like mahjong tiles, tarot cards, alchemical symbols, or Cold War airplane spotter cards, tying the mechanics to their themes
  • Certain variants modify core rules, like Kabufuda Solitaire's 4 difficulty levels or Sigma's Garden guaranteeing every deal is solvable

❀ Fortune's Foundation

  • Uses a 78-card tarot deck and requires collecting the Major and Minor Arcana separately
  • Every card is visible from the start, so success depends solely on the player's skill in plotting long-term strategy
  • It's easy to make the game unwinnable if you don't plan ahead carefully, which some players found deeply satisfying to master

❀ Convenience

  • Compiles all of Zachtronics' solitaire variants into one title, making them easy to access without launching their original games

❀ Achievements

  • Players appreciated having achievements for winning each variant 1, 10 and 100 times
  • The 100-win achievements provide ample replay value for determined players

❀ Miscellaneous

  • The developer was attentive to support tickets, quickly resolving a save data issue for one player

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Nine Noir Lives

Posted Thursday, May 23- Released Sep 2022

The Dev Says: Stretch your legs, clean your whiskers, and dive into Nine Noir Lives. Enjoy a "point-and-lick" comedy-noir adventure, full of humour, crazy characters, and intriguing locations. Solve challenging puzzles and answer the immortal question: how many things need to be licked to solve a murder in this town?


 $6.79 $19.99 (66% off)

❀ Story and Writing

  • The noir-inspired murder mystery plot delves into weighty themes amidst the humor
  • The extensive, fully-voiced dialogue fleshes out memorable characters who grow and change
  • The witty writing juggles cat puns, comedy and drama, nailing both silly and sincere tones

❀ Gameplay

  • The "lick" mechanic puts a new spin on the point-and-click formula, tying in both with the puzzles and the comedy
  • Switching between controlling the main character and his assistant keeps the gameplay varied
  • Interacting with objects multiple times rewards the player with new dialogue and jokes

❀ Audio

  • The high-caliber voice acting sells both the comedic moments and the emotionally weighty ones
  • The soundtrack's jazzy tracks set the mood for the noir-style mystery
  • An impressive amount of dialogue is recorded, with nearly every object getting unique lines

❀ Polish

  • The story mode provides contextual hints to keep the player from getting stuck
  • The game is highly replayable to catch new gags and callbacks that reward attentive players

❀ Overall

  • Captures the spirit of classic point-and-click adventures while adding its own fresh twists
  • Offers a meaty amount of content that justifies the price and leaves players wanting to return to the world

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On the Dragon Wings - Birth of a Hero

Posted Thursday, May 23- Released Sep 2022

The Dev Says: Get ready for the Best Dragon Riding Experience! You are not born as a Hero. But you can become one of them! Bruce and Ursula are brother and sister. One day their life starts to change with a Dragon. Now, It is time to become a Hero by saving their captive father from Dark Rider.


 $3.05 $8.99 (66% off)

❀ Player Character

  • Play as sibling heroes Bruce or Ursula, each providing a unique perspective on the story
  • Develop your character by completing quests to level up and earn gold for new dragon mounts

❀ Dragons

  • Acquire 8 distinct dragon types that each specialize in a different attack style
  • Bond with your dragon as you fight alongside it, causing it to grow in strength
  • Seamlessly transition between aerial and ground combat while riding your dragon

❀ Game World

  • Freely explore the expansive, open-world island of Sivashills
  • Discover new quests, characters, and challenges across varied landscapes and villages
  • Hunt dangerous monsters, go to war against enemy pirates, and defend your hometown

❀ Quests and Gameplay

  • Experience an emotional main story campaign with high stakes - the fate of your family and village
  • Take on a wide variety of rewarding side quests that immerse you in the world
  • Impact the game world through your actions, with NPCs reacting to your deeds and popularity

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Posted Thursday, May 23- Released Dec 2023

The Dev Says: "PUNIHI LOADER 2" is customizable mecha third-person shooter in which the one-headed mysterious cute creature "Punihi" rides and fights in unique mecha. Customize your mecha by combining over 100 parts. You can also change the clothes of "Punihi". Create your own ultimate mecha.


 $10.39 $12.99 (20% off)

❀ Gameplay

  • The game offers fast-paced 3v3 arena matches and wave survival missions, focusing on quick, lightweight mech combat that draws inspiration from older mech games.
  • Players must strategically time their weapon fire and reloads while moving around the battlefield, as each weapon has a reloading time after firing or swinging.
  • Players can command their two AI companions during battles, setting targets for them to attack and coordinating tactics.

❀ Customization

  • With over 100 parts to choose from, players can create diverse mech builds by selecting components for the torso, legs, rear slot, and two arm weapons, greatly impacting their playstyle and strategy.
  • The mech building process follows a simple "leg, body, left arm, right arm, rear" slot system, allowing for quick experimentation and assembly of custom mechs.
  • In addition to mech customization, players can personalize their Punihi characters with various unlockable cosmetic options.

❀ Progression

  • Completing arena tournaments across three different leagues (C, B, and A) unlocks higher-tier mech parts corresponding to each league, providing clear goals and rewards for players.
  • Players earn in-game currency by participating in Mission Mode, which they can spend on new mech parts and cosmetic items in the shop.

❀ Charm and Character

  • The game's setting of Neo Asahikawa, where Punihi creatures compete in mech battles, offers a charming and humorous backdrop for the action.
  • Opponent and tournament descriptions provide personality and humor to the experience, despite the absence of a deep narrative.

❀ Value

  • Players consistently praise the amount of content and enjoyment the game provides, especially considering its low price point and the promise of future updates during early access.

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Ants Took My Eyeball

Posted Thursday, May 23- Released Apr 2024

The Dev Says: Ants Took My Eyeball is a 2D action platformer roguelite. Descend into an ever-changing ant hill, fight your way through hordes of insects with a variety of weapons, face formidable bosses and ultimately find your stolen eyeball.


 $13.59 $16.99 (20% off)

❀ Gameplay

  • Combat requires quick reflexes and strategic thinking, with a balanced mix of melee weapons for close-quarters brawling and ranged weapons for kiting and crowd control
  • Fluid character controls enable players to perform acrobatic maneuvers like wall jumps, air dashes, and ground slams to traverse levels and outmaneuver enemies
  • Extensive arsenal of weapons and items, from standard firearms to bizarre alien tech, allows for experimentation and creativity in character builds

❀ Level Design and Progression

  • Procedural generation algorithms create intricate, labyrinthine levels that maintain a sense of handcrafted intention, striking a balance between the unpredictable and the carefully designed
  • Permanent upgrade system gives players a sense of meaningful progression, with new weapons, items, and abilities that change the way they approach the game
  • Each biome introduces distinct level mechanics and enemy types, like flooded caves with floating platforms or hives with flammable walls, creating unique strategic considerations

❀ Multiplayer

  • Local co-op for up to 4 players, with online support through Steam Remote Play, accommodating a wide range of group sizes and play styles
  • Friendly fire and shared resources (like ammo) add an extra layer of tension and coordination to multiplayer, requiring players to communicate and strategize effectively

❀ Bosses and Enemies

  • Boss encounters dramatically shift the pacing and rhythm of combat, with multi-phase fights against towering insectoid monstrosities that fill the screen with intricate bullet hell patterns
  • Enemy infestations swarm the player from all angles, crawling on walls and ceilings, leaping out of vents and burrows, and attacking in coordination, like armored beetles that curl into balls and bounce around the room to disorient the player and open them up to attacks from other enemies

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Braid, Anniversary Edition

Posted Thursday, May 23- Released May 2024

The Dev Says: Control the flow of time to solve puzzles in this new version of the indie classic, featuring fully repainted artwork, a new world of puzzles, and seriously in-depth commentary.


 $4.99 $19.99 (75% off)

❀ Gameplay

  • Players manipulate time in clever ways, like rewinding to make a key fall through a gate before it closes, or pausing time to jump on enemies frozen in mid-air.
  • Each world introduces a new twist on the core time-manipulation mechanic, such as objects that are immune to rewinding, or time that moves forwards and backwards in sync with the player's left-right movement.
  • The game strikes a balance between challenging players' problem-solving skills and respecting their time, with optional puzzles for those seeking more difficulty, and the ability to skip frustrating sections and return later.

❀ Story and Narrative

  • The narrative is delivered through abstract, often ambiguous text passages and environmental storytelling, leaving much open to interpretation and encouraging players to piece together the deeper meaning.
  • The game explores serious themes rarely tackled in the medium, like the nature of memory, the pain of past regrets, and the struggle to let go of a toxic relationship.

❀ Developer Commentary

  • The developer commentary is presented in a unique, interactive format where players can explore a new world filled with puzzles that unlock audio recordings and visual aids, incentivizing engagement with the content.
  • The commentary delves deep into the game's creation, with hours of thoughtful discussion on the challenges and triumphs of indie development, the iterative process of designing puzzles, and the intentions behind the game's story and themes.

❀ Extras and Secrets

  • Beating the developer commentary world unlocks several new bonus levels that expand on the time-manipulation mechanics and increase the challenge.
  • Several of the commentary recordings allude to a mysterious, time-distorting artifact hidden somewhere in the game, and curious players who fully explore the world can discover this secret for themselves.

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Virtua Unlimited Project

Posted Thursday, May 23- Released Apr 2024

The Dev Says: Virtua Unlimited Project is a 2D pixel-art style ACT game featuring VTuber characters. With classical platformer gameplay, challenging combat, and retro game feelings, VUP presents you a surreal, virtual world in which you will play as Aizawa Kana to venture and seek the truth beneath.


 $9.89 $10.99 (10% off)

❀ Core Gameplay

  • The game responds instantly and precisely to player inputs, allowing for a high degree of control. Players can chain together moves fluidly, such as using the air kick to bounce rapidly from enemy to enemy.
  • Special attacks, unlocked by filling a bar through attacking enemies, significantly alter the player's offensive options. For example, one attack makes the character temporarily invincible while another provides a lingering damage field around them.
  • Defeating bosses grants the player new abilities that can be freely swapped. This allows the player to dynamically adjust their character's skill set to capitalize on enemy weaknesses or overcome specific level challenges.

❀ Level Design

  • Each stage contains unique interactive elements that meaningfully change how the player needs to approach them. For instance, one stage features magnetic surfaces that the player can flip between to traverse otherwise unreachable areas.
  • The game frequently rewards players for thoroughly exploring levels. Discovering hidden paths or destroying certain objects often yields permanent character upgrades or unlocks database entries that flesh out the world.
  • In one stage, the main path has the player waiting for periodic elevators to scale a shaft. However, it's possible for skilled players to bypass the elevators entirely by using the game's tight movement to scale the walls with continuous jump kicks.

❀ Customization

  • Collectible elemental cards alter the player character's normal attacks to deal fire, ice, electric or null elemental damage. Since bosses have specific elemental weaknesses, players can tactically adjust their loadout to exploit them.
  • The player collects "extension" items that provide passive bonuses like increased move speed or auto-healing. These occupy limited slots, and equipping duplicates incurs penalties, forcing the player to weigh the opportunity cost of each extension.

❀ References to Other Games

  • The game lifts multiple signature mechanics from the Mega Man X and Zero games, like being able to cling to and scale certain walls. However, their implementation is tuned to synergize with this game's unique mechanics like the air kick.
  • Several levels feature familiar hazards from other Mega Man games, such as floors that crumble underfoot or laser traps that activate on a timer. Experienced Mega Man players will recognize the need to quickly react to audio and visual cues to overcome these.

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The Cursed Tape

Posted Thursday, May 23- Released May 2024

The Dev Says: Someone slipped a mysterious videotape under your door... Do you dare watch it?!


 $3.19 $3.99 (20% off)

❀ Audio Design

  • The sound effects, such as creaking floorboards and distant whispers, create a sense of unease and make players feel like they're not alone.
  • Well-timed audio cues, like sudden bangs or screams, startle players and enhance the impact of jumpscares.
  • The overall sound design immerses players in the game's unsettling atmosphere, making them feel like they're actually in the haunted locations.

❀ Pacing and Flow

  • The game gradually builds tension by introducing creepy elements and revealing more of the story as players progress, keeping them on edge.
  • Scares are strategically placed at key moments, such as after solving a puzzle or exploring a new area, to catch players off guard and maintain an unpredictable experience.

❀ Gameplay

  • The game encourages players to thoroughly examine their surroundings, rewarding them with clues and secrets that deepen the mystery.
  • Puzzles, like the math problems, provide a break from the exploration and add an interactive element that keeps players engaged.

❀ Story and Narrative

  • The mysterious videotape premise immediately captures players' attention and sets the stage for a compelling horror story.
  • As players uncover more details about the cursed tape and its origins, the story maintains its grip on their curiosity, urging them to press forward.

❀ Game Length and Price

  • The short duration of 30-40 minutes ensures that the game maintains a tight, focused horror experience without overstaying its welcome.
  • The low price point makes the game an attractive option for horror fans looking for a quick, affordable scare.

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Oddsparks: An Automation Adventure

Posted Thursday, May 23- Released Apr 2024

The Dev Says: Oddsparks is a blend of Automation and Real Time Strategy for both the die-hard fans of the Automation genre and the Automation-curious. Explore a strange fantasy world, uncover the mysteries of the past, automate your workshops, and go on adventures with your odd & adorable Sparks!


 $15.99 $19.99 (20% off)

❀ Automation

  • Players can design and build automated processing lines and workshops, with Sparks operating the structures and transporting materials along paths.
  • The game provides a wide range of tools for automation that expands as the player progresses, allowing for increasingly complex systems.
  • Automation in Oddsparks is combined with exploration and adventure elements, appealing to both fans of the genre and newcomers.

❀ Gameplay and Progression

  • Quests from villagers guide the player's progress, unlocking new buildings and technologies as they are completed.
  • The game introduces mechanics gradually as the player advances through the tech tree, allowing for a steady learning curve.
  • Achievements provide rewards for exploring beyond the main storyline, encouraging players to experiment and discover.

❀ Multiplayer

  • The game supports stable online co-op for up to 4 players, with a host and join system for easy multiplayer sessions.
  • Players can collaborate on different aspects of the game, such as building automation networks and exploring the world together.

❀ Exploration and Combat

  • Players explore procedurally generated worlds with diverse biomes, enemies, and ruins, with the goal of gathering resources and knowledge to bring back home.
  • Combat involves strategically utilizing Sparks to attack enemies, recalling them when attacks are incoming, and finding opportunities to rush the enemy.
  • Clearing the way allows players to build and connect workshops, expanding their automation network across the world.

❀ Sparks (Minions)

  • Sparks come in various types with different abilities, such as resource gathering, combat, and item transportation.
  • Players can command Sparks to perform tasks, follow trails, and work in buildings, adding a minion management element to the game.
  • One-time use Sparks offer unique functions like resource respawning and scouting, providing additional strategic options.

❀ Accessibility and Quality-of-Life Features

  • The game is designed with accessibility in mind, featuring rebindable controls for both mouse & keyboard and gamepad.
  • Oddsparks runs smoothly with minimal bugs, even in its Early Access state, thanks to the developers' commitment to optimization and bug fixing.
  • The developers are receptive to feedback and have quickly addressed reported issues, ensuring a constantly improving player experience.

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Posted Thursday, May 23- Released May 2024

The Dev Says: Go from humble beginnings to a feared pirate captain in this seafaring open-world adventure! Enhance your reputation as you take on bounties, upgrade your ship, hire a crew and search for treasure, or just go fishing instead!


 $11.99 $14.99 (20% off)

❀ Story and Characters

  • The fast-paced, text-heavy story start pulls players in quickly with an intriguing main conflict that weaves together multiple plot threads.
  • NPCs dynamically react to story events as they unfold, creating a living, breathing island community.
  • Through dialogue and narrative, the game establishes a distinct tonal mix of lighthearted whimsy, cheeky humor, and dark, sinister undercurrents.

❀ Gameplay

  • Players engage in ship-to-ship combat that challenges them to adapt crew roles and target priorities to the varied abilities and Attack patterns of different enemy vessels.
  • The game provides detailed ship customization, allowing players to make meaningful choices about weapon placements, on-board stations, and other special features within the constraints of limited shipboard space.
  • Outside of their pirate exploits, players can pursue a variety of entertaining side activities including fishing, lockpicking, and tending crops on their home island.

❀ Exploration and Progression

  • Quests serve as a guide while granting players the freedom to set their own course exploring the vast ocean and uncovering the secrets of many islands.
  • Obtaining resources enables players to acquire upgraded ships and equipment, providing a satisfying gameplay loop and sense of growing power.
  • Players develop their crews over time, selecting new skills and stat boosts for individual sailors to shape their capabilities as they level up.

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Little-Known Galaxy

Posted Thursday, May 23- Released May 2024

The Dev Says: Join Space Alliance as a new captain-in-training and work with your crew to solve the mysteries of an ancient relic found on the Grey Planet. Little-Known Galaxy is a cozy single-player RPG space adventure full of friendly characters, exploration, crafting, and farming.


 $15.99 $19.99 (20% off)

❀ Setting & Story

  • The space setting distinguishes the game from other farming sims by allowing players to explore alien worlds and scavenge for resources on missions
  • The overarching story revolving around the mystery of an ancient relic found on the Grey Planet spans multiple planets, providing a sense of progression and purpose beyond typical farming sim goals
  • The game's Star Trek-like atmosphere, with the player as a captain-in-training on a spaceship, immerses players in the sci-fi theme

❀ Gameplay

  • Players can customize and expand their living space on the ship by crafting machines, decorations, and furniture, giving them creative control over their environment
  • Growing crops, cooking recipes, and raising alien creatures called Xeno on the ship adds variety to the traditional farming gameplay loop
  • Upgrading tools and the ship itself as the game progresses provides a sense of achievement and unlocks new features and areas to explore

❀ Characters & Relationships

  • The crew members' distinct personalities, backstories, and quirky dialogues make them memorable and engaging to interact with through conversations, gift-giving, and missions
  • Players can build friendships and romantic relationships with various characters, including aliens and androids, adding depth to the social aspect of the game
  • The silly and wholesome writing style of the dialogues and character interactions creates a lighthearted and enjoyable atmosphere

❀ Pacing & Progression

  • The game provides both short-term quests and an overarching mission, giving players clear goals to work towards and a sense of direction throughout the game
  • Progressing through the story unlocks access to new gadgets, stations, and areas, rewarding players for their efforts and keeping the gameplay fresh
  • Players can rise through the ranks from captain-in-training by completing objectives, which motivates them to keep playing and adds a sense of personal growth and accomplishment

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