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Gensokyo Odyssey

by Kronington

Gensokyo Odyssey! A Touhou satirical visual novel where you find yourself lost in Gensokyo with only your schoolbag and an air hockey puck.

Goons: Legends & Mayhem

by RageCure Games, Firestoke

A frantic blend of beat 'em up and arcade hockey that plays out over various themed levels with opposing teams of heroes outfitted with unique abilities. Insane sports action like you've never seen before!

Franchise Hockey Manager 10

by Out of the Park Developments, game54 Software

Franchise Hockey Manager returns for the 2023-24 season with plenty of additions to the deepest, most authentic hockey strategy gaming experience you can find. Choose from teams around the globe and select a team to guide to glory, including a chance at the ultimate prize, the Stanley Cup®.


by Normal

Nock is bow & arrow soccer. Skate and zip around the pitch while using a bow and arrow to blast the ball into the other team's goal. With intuitive controls and realistic physics, Nock is easy to learn but difficult to master.

Tape to Tape

by Excellent Rectangle

Tape to Tape is a roguelite hockey game where every choice matters on your journey to build the best hockey team. Choose your path, hire unique players, discover synergies between them, pick unique abilities, bribe the referees or visit the Blademaster on your way to restore hockey's former glory.

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Super Blood Hockey

by Loren Lemcke

Create and manage your team in a violent, dystopic world of no-rules, fast-paced, arcade-style, ice hockey action. Adjust training regimens, control diets, administer black market pharmaceuticals, and provide healthcare (or not) to a ragtag team of convicts at the mercy of your underhanded tactics.

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