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Snake Crush

by Sugarcane Games, Sugarcane Games

This is a Roguelite game that combines the gameplay of Snake with survivor mechanics. You will play as a large snake roaming above the city, clearing countless small monsters and spirits attracted by spiritual energy, as well as those frenzied large monsters.

Suika Shapes

by Zanthous

Match a variety of colorful shapes in an ever-enclosing space and make a watermelon in ​this addicting match two puzzle suika game! Featuring online and offline co-operative multiplayer, and online competitive versus!

Fruit Salad

by The Dead Pixel Society, LLC

Drop adorable fruit to merge them and create even larger fruit in this cozy physics puzzle game!


by Beza's Workshop

SuiCats is an engaging puzzle game where you combine kittens to create amazing cat cascades. Diverse physics and a humorous design will keep you smiling while playing SuiCats. Join the feline adventure and break the high score today!

Art Reborn: Painting Connoisseur

by MuccyGames

Dear curator, you are about to embark on a journey to captivate the audience! You will be in charge of an art gallery.Impress the museum curators around the world with these masterpieces, collect badges, apply for support funds, and learn the value of art!

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Story of Animal Sprite

by Alonds

Story of Animal Sprite is a casual merge game where you will restore the homeland for cute animals by building various fancy structures.

MatchR: Now Hiring

by Delirium Tremens Games

Fight with your colleagues to ascend through the MatchR company in this Match-3, RPG and Roguelike mix! Choose, upgrade and use your skills to emerge victorious! Gain new character traits during your runs which will drastically change the way you plan your matches! Also... Sticker collection!

Dungeons & Jewels

by JJJ

Roguelike twist on tile-matching puzzle games. Collect relics. Learn spells. Unlock new equipment. Fight bosses and monsters. Use your abilities by matching tiles, creating combos, and solving puzzles!

Tiny Civilization

by ε–œδΊΊδΈ€δΈͺ

This is a historical simulation game that promotes the development of civilization based on the match-3 Game. You'll need to gather resources, use skills, discover new technology, and lead humanbeing through a 10,000-year journey to the cosmos.

η₯–ηŽ›ε°‘ε₯³/Zuma Girls

by Twilight Sonata Studio

Zuma girl is a casual marble shooting game, which integrates RPG skills and strategies with traditional Zuma playing methods. You will meet three beautiful girls in the battle. Who is stronger or weaker? Only the brave survive to the end!

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