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Rooftops & Alleys: The Parkour Game


Ever felt like the world was missing that one Parkour/Freerunning game? That game that scratches that itch that other games just don't? Rooftops & Alleys aka TheParkourGame is here to deliver! In this game, there's is no 'hold button to parkour' mentality. Here, you, the player is in control!


by HappyHead Games

Spanky! is THE booty-physics party game that brings cheeky movement mechanics to chaos-filled party modes. Twerk online with up to 7 friends and slap some jiggly tush!

A Difficult Game About Climbing

by Pontypants

VR Skater

by DEFICIT Games, Perp Games

The most authentic, challenging, and immersive skating game ever

The Fancy Pants Adventures: Classic Pack

by Borne Games, 2 Left Thumbs

The classic Flash game series, compiled as the ultimate Fancy Pants fan collection - with updated visuals, loads of bonus features, and brand new Back Pages bonus levels. Follow along in Early Access, as creator Brad Borne brings these games back to their former glory. Run Fast, Run Fancy!

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Hub: Local Multiplayer

Neon Tail

by Fei, Leo, Yang, Rocket Juice Games

Neon Tail is an open world roller skating game where you follow a young girl’s adventures and save the streets of Bluepulse City from dimensional disaster.Get a jobs, go shopping, get Super Powers, fight a dimensional invasion, become a skating superstar, and drink bubble teas.

The Enjenir

by PeatyTurf

Put your engineering and problem solving skills to the test in this sandbox physics building game! Enjoy the freedom of completely gridless 3D sandbox building combined with hilarious ragdoll third person controls, offering a truly unique and hilarious "Enjeniring" experience!



One-Handed Rage-Inducing 3D Platformer! Use only a mouse. Bounce off platforms and even the walls to reach the next checkpoint. Go on a linear adventure through an interconnected world, or quickly test your skills in challenge mode.



Enjoy meditative vibes in Jusant, an action-puzzle climbing game. Scale an immeasurably tall tower and ascend to new heights alongside your watery companion. Master your climbing tools, find your way up through diverse biomes, and piece together the tower’s past.

Warstride Challenges

by Dream Powered Games, Focus Entertainment

Blast hordes of demons at lightning speed in bloody gunfights, and race against the clock to overcome everything that comes your way! Die and retry to get the highest score in increasingly intense trials. Create and share your own runs, enjoying hundreds of levels created by the community.

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