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Creepy Tale: Some Other Place

by Creepy Brothers

Creepy Tale is a mysterious adventure rich in riddles and eerie atmosphere. An autumn morning promised a quiet fishing trip, but events took Martin to "some other place." Find the way home, uncover loads of secrets, and save everyone that you can.

Playing Kafka

by Charles Games

There are things that often fail on nothing but themselves. Is there even a way out? Playing Kafka is a narrative adventure full of impenetrable schemes, insidious plot twists and conversations that slip out of hand. Based on Kafka’s life and his work, developed with Kafka experts.

Asleep - Ato 1

by Black Hole Games, Nuuvem Inc

Immersed in her nightmares, in a chaotic reality, confused and all alone. The only safe place is her room, but not forever... She wanders through an empty city and strange places while fleeing from creatures lurking in the darkness to find out what's going on. You are in the skin of Ana LΓΊcia.

Aurora Hills: Chapter 1

by NovaSoft Interactive Ltd.

Aurora Hills: Chapter 1 is the first part in series of point and click puzzle adventure games. Follow the journey of Ethan Hill, a park ranger tasked with investigating strange disappearances from the region to uncover the mystery of Aurora Hills!


by Zima software

Pancras is a neurotic cop investigating a case of mysterious kidnapping in the town of Lupany. Help him find out, who’s behind the abduction of two orderly citizens!

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Snow Cone Serenade

by Potion Of Midi

Snow Cone Serenade is a short and sweet liminal adventure. Choose your mood and roll the dice to succeed or fail in spicy situations. Enter a cursed snow world to save your sick dog, Jedediah. Unravel a mind-bending mystery to face your innermost fears.

Please, Touch The Artwork 2

by Thomas Waterzooi

A handpainted cozy hidden object adventure. Explore a surreal world. Collect items for its quirky inhabitants. Fix damaged paintings and solve casual puzzles. Help a lost skeleton painter find his way home. This game is short but 100% FREE (no ads, no dlc's).

The Adventures of The Black Hawk

by Croqueta Asesina Studios

Hide behind your mask so they won’t discover your true identity, and grab your sword to face the tyranny of the nobility in the days before the French Revolution in this funny point-and-click adventure, following the path of the classics of the 90s… thirty years later!

Boxes: Lost Fragments

by Big Loop Studios, Snapbreak

As a legendary thief, your next assignment lures you into a grand and lavish mansion. There you find a series of puzzle boxes, designed for an unknown purpose. What should have been a quick in-and-out, gradually turns into your own harrowing struggle for freedom and answers.

Twilight Oracle

by Cosmic Void

Journey to a strange world in search of the fabled Oracle in this fantasy comedy point & click adventure. Play as Leo, a struggling student with the ability to breathe underwater, and explore a desert island and the depths of an alien ocean to uncover your school’s dark past.

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