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by Lizzycat / Lizabeth Gidlund

EarthRoyale is a Map simulation Observer game where the game each turn chooses one of many events to edit the world map

Turkish Throne

by Kurultaic

Lead your political party in a fierce competition to seize power against major rivals. Invest strategically, secure votes, and navigate crucial decisions to claim the presidential seat. Will you shape the destiny of Turkish politics?


by netmin games

In the first-person football career simulator, you can make your dream of becoming a top striker in one of the major European leagues come true. You are a young, talented striker. Now, you have the opportunity to play professional football.

Countryballs: Modern Ballfare

by Mildly Professional

The Definitive Political Debating Simulator. A wacky third-person multiplayer arena shooter inspired by Countryball memes - a game encouraging you to smash each others balls until someone finishes victoriously. Now includes an online co-op zombie mode!

Simulator of Ukraine 1991

by Almost Games

This game is a global strategy, which is primarily focused on Ukraine after leaving the Soviet occupation. Here you will be given control of Ukraine with the opportunity to change history and intervene in the events of that time.

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Rise Of The White Sun

by Maestro Cinetik, Gaming at Work, Cinetique

A Giant Strategy Sandbox experience set in Warlord China. *Tons of playable factions! *Communist insurgents, * Boxers like rebels, *Greedy warlords, *Mongol riders, *A mad russian baron, *Shanghai gangsters, *And armored trains!

SGS NATO's Nightmare

by Strategy Game Studio, Avalon Digital

What if the Warsaw Pact had attacked NATO in the mid-1980s. Or the other way around? Study this titanic conflict, within its most emblematic theater, Germany and Central Europe. Will you be able to achieve your goals without escalating into an uncontrollable nuclear conflict?

Organs Please

by TECHHOME, HeroCraft PC

A dark and satirical management sim, where you take control of a recycling factory with a twist: it recycles humans. Your job is to decide who gets to escape our dying planet in a cozy spaceship and who sacrifices their blood, sweat and tears for humanity. Literally.

SGS Taipings

by Strategy Game Studio, Avalon Digital

The game recreates the TaΓ―ping Rebellion (1851-64), the deadliest Chinese civil war, costing the lives of millions. Play the TaΓ―ping rebels and their allies, fighting to create their own state, or be the Qing Emperor and crush the revolt and its foreign devils allies before it topples your dynasty.

Rogue AI Simulator

by Nerdook Productions, Surefire.Games

Play as a Rogue Artificial Intelligence, in the sequel to the hit Flash game "I'm an Insane Rogue AI", played more than 4 million times! Your Prime Directive is simple: design a facility & manage human Test Subjects for the Dept of Science. But be careful: they NEVER stop being suspicious of you...

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