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by Gagonfe, HugoBDesigner

Hats up and whips out; the wilderness' mysteries await! Explore lush biomes, use your trusty whip to extract wild flowers' mystic powers, and collect rare gems in this dynamic precision-platformer. Unearth archaeological marvels and become a legend!

Star Leaping Story

by ZerovHao, SapStaR Games

Players will help a white-robed girl and her friends uncover the truth of the planet using unique dash gameplay. The storyline is fully voiced by renowned actors, with meticulously designed levels and energetic music for you to enjoy!


by Gologames

Halve the blocks into two equal parts and solve the unique puzzles in a game with a blueprint visual style and meditative music

A Difficult Game About Climbing

by Pontypants

The Cub

by Demagog Studio, Untold Tales, Gamersky Games

From the creators of Golf Club Nostalgia and Highwater. Return to their whimsical, neon-lit apocalypse in a Jungle Book meets The Armageddon fusion. Parkour through the remains of humanity as a child being hunted, while catchy end-of-days tunes and curious survivor stories play on the radio.

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One-Handed Rage-Inducing 3D Platformer! Use only a mouse. Bounce off platforms and even the walls to reach the next checkpoint. Go on a linear adventure through an interconnected world, or quickly test your skills in challenge mode.



Become a tiny ZX8000 robot and begin your journey through a beautiful, pixel-art world inspired by games iconic to the platformer genre. Follow a surprising story, upgrade your skills, beat challenging levels, and compete with other players for the fastest speedrun!

Ghostland Yard

by Obelisk Studio

Uncover the truth about the Ghostland Yard investigators disappearance in this challenging 2D platformer. Travel across the world in more than 250 handcrafted levels to find your friends!


by Choice Provisions, Gamecraft Studios, Choice Provisions

The classic rhythm platformer is back as BIT.TRIP RERUNNER + RUNNER MAKER! The fun of the original now sports fresh mechanics, art, and soundtrack – plus RUNNER MAKER, which allows you to create custom levels. A must-play for rhythm newbies, experts, and everyone in between.


by Studio Doodal

LAPIN is a 2D precision platformer game featuring a group of brave rabbit explorers. Break through life-threatening obstacles with precise controls, and embark on an adventure filled with new encounters and stunning landscapes!

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