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The Quintessential Quintuplets - Five Memories Spent With You

by MAGES. Inc., Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd.

AMANATSU ~Perfect Edition~


Japanese coming-of-age VN from hit developer AZARASHI SOFTWARE. After moving to a sleepy seaside town, Haruto befriends three unforgettable heroines, each with unique traits—and a surprise confession. Navigate your own summer of love on this sugar-sweet journey of romance and discovery.

Mashiroiro Symphony HD -Love is Pure White-

by Palette, Shiravune

A winter-themed romcom visual novel with four main heroines and one mysterious cat-like creature! In a town where tradition and modernity meet, protagonist Shingo Uryu's whole life changes when he begins attending the prestigious Yuihime Girls Private Academy...

Taimanin Yukikaze

by Lilith, Shiravune

A classic visual novel about a demon-slaying ninja. Yukikaze is an up-and-coming young Taimanin with a suite of deadly lightning powers, but when she embarks on a mission to rescue her missing mother, she just might have bitten off more than she can chew...


by Pil/Slash, JAST BLUE

Paradise is a Boys Love visual novel and tells the story of a group of men who go on holiday on a deserted island. When things begin to go wrong, they realize to their horror that they are stranded. Turns out that’s only the start of their problems.

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The Shell Part II: Purgatorio

by Innocent Grey, Shiravune

Detective Reiji Tokisaka is back to face down a mystery that spans decades, if not centuries. With the aftermath of his last case weighing on his soul and a long-silent cult resurgent, can he solve the crime—or will it become his curse?


by EpicDream Games

Xiao Bao opened his eyes, he was surrounded by six women. He embarked on an immersive journey of love with them. Amongst them were a gaming enthusiast, a sultry dancer, a childhood crush, a sexy doctor, an innocent schoolgirl, and a wealthy businesswoman. Who would be his true love?

Knowledge, or know Lady

by 蒸汽满满工作室

You, the "sole male student" at a women's university, are about to embark on a sweet and laughter-filled campus love journey from a first-person perspective! How will you resist the temptations of the beauties and create your own legend in this girls' school?

Voice Love on Air


A BL dating sim with elements of studio management and interactions with voice actors! Follow Aki, a newbie voice director who has to complete the recordings for several BL dramas, and interact with the charming voice actors. Come give voice to the language of love!

Irotoridori No Sekai HD - The Colorful World

by FAVORITE, NekoNyan Ltd.

When he was a child, Yuuma received a special power from the “translucent magician”, Shinku. Just by touching someone with his hand, he is able to cure all of their wounds in return for some of his memories.

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