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Oh Deer

by Cozy Cabin Studios

One Hunter, and up to four more friends disguised as deer. In this thrilling game of hide-and-seek where every move could be the last. Will you blend in with the herd or stand out? Oh Deer...

Hodgepodge Hunch

by uracon, Waku Waku Games

Hodgepodge Hunch is a who-done-it game where everyone chips in to make a hotpot dish. Collaborate with your buddies to collect ingredients in the dungeons and whip up a delicious feast. There's just one problem... A backstabber may be lurking among you who'll throw your dinner plans awry...

Project Planet - Earth vs Humanity

by Fifth Harbour Studios

Destroy Humanity with virus outbreaks, asteroid impacts and more as Planet Earth! Or team up with up to five friends as the World Leaders, Industry, Media, Scientists and Public, and try to survive. Impossible dilemmas and choices-matter create countless paths in this strategy party game!

Trust No Bunny

by Friendly Pixel, Inc.

Everybunny has a secret. Who do you trust to keep the town safe? Trust No Bunny is a hilarious and incredibly cute social deduction game for fans of Werewolf or Among Us. It’s a game for thinkers, schemers, & downright liars, where guessing the traitors is only half the fun.

Deducto 2

by Red Fox Studios

A fun sus-like game where you backstab your co-workers and get mad at your co-workers for backstabbing you. (up to 16 players)

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Prison Life 2

by AO Games

Play as a Prisoner or a Guard with up to 12 players(or alone) in an online prison game. Loot, Craft, and make your way to the exit, or investigate and arrest wanted players as a guard!

West Hunt

by NewGen, Wandering Wizard

West Hunt is a 1-6 player social deduction game set in the Old West! Among the hardworking townsfolk hides an Outlaw or two causing mischief and mayhem across town. Luckily, there are eagle-eyed Sheriffs ready to sniff them out! No matter what role you play, you're sure to have a hog-killin' time!

Deceive Inc.

by Sweet Bandits Studios, Tripwire Presents

Go undercover as the world’s greatest spies in this tense multiplayer game of subterfuge. Disguise as anyone, deploy an arsenal of high-tech gadgets or neutralize the competition. As long as you extract with the objective, no trick is too dirty when you work for DECEIVE INC.


by DMNT Interactive

A terrifying multiplayer horror experience with social deduction elements. Nine players take on the roles of the Scientists stuck in the Backrooms, to survive they must scavenge for supplies and weapons while the tenth player hunts them down as a shape-shifting entity known as the Skin Stealer!


by Petit Depotto, PLAYISM

The Gnosia lie. Pretending to be human, they’ll get in close, trick and deceive, and then eliminate one victim at a time...

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