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Cats Love Boxes

by Devcats

FofiΓ±o and Lily are always in pursue of fun, particularly boxes! Help them to move the boxes around in this puzzle adventure! ΰΈ…^β€’ο»Œβ€’^ΰΈ…

Last Stand Delivery

by CalypsoMini

This is a new Sokoban-like RPG game.Send people love, wish them well, and mind your own business.β€”β€”β€”β€”Let's them die.

Stick to the Plan

by Dead Pixel Tales, SpaceJazz

In this game you can't pet the dog... because YOU are the dog! A relaxing and charming puzzle game about Roberto, a dog who really loves loooooooong sticks with a plan in mind.

Void Stranger

by System Erasure

Paquerette Down the Bunburrows

by Bunstack, Abiding Bridge

The buns... you HAVE to capture them!! Think outside the bunburrow or get outsmarted by bunnies in this cute pathfinding-based puzzle game!

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Can of Wormholes

by munted finger

Push, slice, ingest, flip, and squish worms in this puzzle game in which you play as a little sentient tin can.


by Solluco

SokoFrog is a puzzle game about pushing boxes, help your frog friend get to the next level.


by bcat112a

Jelly Is Sticky

by Lunarch Studios, WhisperGames

Explore a world of colorful jelly blocks that can be deformed and stuck together. Use them in surprising, unexpected ways to build clever contraptions and solve delightful puzzles.


by Patrick Traynor

Solve puzzles embedded in rocks and crystals as you explore a colorful, serene alien asteroid. Discover a few clever twists as you progress in this short and sweet puzzle experience.

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