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Regency Solitaire II

by Grey Alien Games

Revisit romantic Regency Britain to build a glorious garden, in this charming solitaire sequel. Tour historic hotspots, silence gossips, and host the seasonโ€™s most anticipated soiree. Play your cards right to unlock bonus levels and a love story. Don't miss the party everyone's talking about!

Card Crawl Adventure

by Arnold Rauers

Card Crawl Adventure is a single player card game with light deck building and roguelite elements. Engage in a unique path based combat mechanic to battle against devious tavern bosses. Visit a variety of cozy taverns, collect cards and improve your deck with magic equipment items and charms.

The Zachtronics Solitaire Collection

by Zachtronics

The Zachtronics Solitaire Collection is here! Inside you will find all seven Zachtronics solitaire games, updated with new 4K graphics, plus one brand new Tarot-themed solitaire variant only available here.

Last Call BBS

by Zachtronics

Boot up your Z5 Powerlance and dial into Last Call BBS, the last game from Zachtronics! The Barkeepโ€™s loaded up his retro computer with a full set of puzzle games for you to download and play. No need to worry about copy protection, theyโ€™re all fully cracked and ready to enjoy!

Solitaire Expeditions

by Quirky Porcupine

Inspired by the 1992 hit Solitaire's Journey, Solitaire Expeditions is a modern take on a classic game. Play over 180 variants, including Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, Canfield, and Golf. Embark on a expedition or play individual games. Unlock new backgrounds, card backs, and decks as you play.

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Dice Tribes: Ambitions

by Sprouting Potato

A dice-based worker placement game. Manage the randomness and complete your ambition to win.


by Mandinga

Cats are very demanding and peculiar animals. Use your sudoku skill to help them feel one of a kind.

Buddy and Lucky Solitaire

by Mens Sana Interactive

City or countryside? Play Classic Solitaire where you feel like it today, with your pet friends Buddy and Lucky.

Railroad Ink Challenge

by Horrible Guild

The critically acclaimed roll and write game that is all about connections. Plan your routes, connect the exits around your board, expand your transportation system, and reach networking nirvana! Play solo to beat your own best scores, or challenge players from all over the world!

Alice in Wonderland - a jigsaw puzzle tale

by Mens Sana Interactive

โ€œWho in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle!โ€, said Alice. A new jigsaw puzzle game to remember a beloved classic story. Now with 12 beautiful illustrations created by Katia Numakura, with inspiration from โ€œAlice in Wonderlandโ€ by Lewis Carroll.

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