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Nine Sols

by RedCandleGames

Nine Sols is a lore rich, hand-drawn 2D action-platformer featuring Sekiro-inspired deflection focused combat. Embark on a journey of eastern fantasy, explore the land once home to an ancient alien race, and follow a vengeful hero’s quest to slay the 9 Sols, formidable rulers of this forsaken realm.

Plushie from the Sky

by fishwind

A goofy action RPG. Armed with a plushie, smack down nightmarish foes with cuddly chaos. Cheese the boss. Dodge roll your way to victory!

Another Crab's Treasure

by Aggro Crab

In a vibrant undersea kingdom on the verge of collapse, a hermit crab embarks on a treasure hunt to buy back his repossessed shell. The second game from AGGRO CRAB.

Death of a Wish

by melessthanthree, Syndicate Atomic LLC.

THE NEO-SANCTUM SHALL FALL. Claim retribution against the theocratic Faiths as you master vicious hack-and-slash combat in this action-RPG where style is salvation.

King of the Bridge

by Finn Schuuring

Face off against the bridge troll in his bizarre game of chess! Decrypt, Twist and Enforce the rules as your devious opponent attempts to break them in King of the Bridge!

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Ball-it Hell

by Jamesika

Dodge! Strike back! This is a fast-paced barrage arcade game. Move the character to dodge bullets. Pick the right time to strike bullets back and destroy enemies to get gold coins. Unlock more characters and powerful skills. Keep challenging yourself to get higher scores and rankings.

Anomaly Agent

by Phew Phew Games

ANOMALY AGENT is a cyberpunk action-adventure featuring fluid combat, a time-bending story, quirky characters and a catchy synthwave soundtrack! Punch or shoot through mobs of enemies, impact the story with your choices and stop the anomalies before the world plunges into chaos!

Trinity Fusion

by Angry Mob Games

Mutagenesis Free DLC OUT NOW! Take control of your parallel selves and explore dark, Sci-Fi worlds. Slash, bash and shoot your way through this unique rogue-lite metroidvania where the only way to save the multiverse is to end it.

The Last Faith

by Kumi Souls Games, Playstack

A dark, gothic fusion of metroidvania and soulslike. The Last Faith thrives on merciless and precise combat with a huge range of weapons, firearms, and custom executions at your disposal. Let nothing stand in your way.

Kingdom Shell

by Cup of Pixels

Kingdom Shell is an atmospheric 2D platformer with a captivating storyline. Explore the local lands to stop the invasion of nightmarish creatures and unravel the mysteries of the Kingdom.

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